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Symantec OpsCenter Windows installation

We have just purchased Symantec OpsCenter + Analytics and I will be installing it on a Dell R710 with 2 quad core 2.93 GHz CPUs and 24 GB of RAM. I have 2 X 146GB and 3 X 300GB hard drives for the system.

My question is this:
I plan on seperating the O/S, Software, Database and Log files on different drives.  Does any one know of a sizing recommendation for the database and log files?

My environment is:
Three Master Servers and 59 Media Servers throught North America, serving 500 clients. Master Servers and Media Servers are mixed are 7.0 and 6.5.3. Clients are mixed versions from 6.0 MP4 through 7.0, with most at 6.5 or greater.
72 Master Servers throughout Europe, Asia and Australia serving 200 clients. Client versions are mixed from 6.0 MP4 through 6.5.3.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Try looking here in the

Try looking here in the "About Designing your OpsCenter Server" section.