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OpsCenter database maxes out

The OpsCenter database (dbsrv11.exe) maxes out the CPU. I have allocated 6 cores just to the database, and they are running 100% continuously. I have done all the obvious stuff: defrag disk, defrag database, increase cache (32GB), add processors. The...

Need OpsCenter Analytics Demo Key

Hi, We Need OpsCenter Analytics Demo Key. We contacted symantec but just given few contact and licensing link but these didn't help us. Its very urgent for us. We have basic OpsCenter but this don't fullfil our reporting criteria. Its count p...

Resolved! OpsCenter Analytics in Sun Cluster

Hi I think I've an easy question but it's a little tricky because it's a very particular scenario. I've just upgraded OpsCenter Analytics to version in Solaris x86. Everything works ok. I installed OpsCenter in one of the nodes of a Sun Clust...

Koven1 by Level 4
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Custom Query - Field client with no view connected required

Hello, Our existing report indicates all clients and their through the view attached project. We would like another report which shows the clients which have no attached project. Can somebody help please? SELECT DISTINCT "E2"."name" as "Client Name"...

OpsCenter Report for Actual Directories Backed Up

Hi all,   I'm trying to find a way to report on the file systems backed up by policy, then client as a way of ensuring all the file systems we need backed up actually are.  I don't want to see the individual files in the report, just which file syste...

Resolved! Need Custom Report Assistance

I want to create a custom report that is the same information as the job summary by job status on the monitor screen.  has anyone duplicated this?      david

Resolved! OpsCenter client backup performance report

Hello I am looking for a tabular report which will provide me information about given client name and: backup date, backup type (full, cinc, dinc), backup duration (hh:mm:ss), backup size (kB), files backed, snapshot removal (how long it took) - for ...

quebek by Moderator
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Resolved! OpsCenter Creating Reports

Hello,   I have a customer who is looking for some Assistance on Opscenter Reporting,   I know we do not  offer custom reporting through support, I thought I would post the customers wishes to see if I have missed a Canned Report that might give what...

jbrayton by Level 3
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Indexing server on an OpsCenter server?

Hi all, I'm trying to understand why we cannot have an indexing server on an OpsCenter server. All references I have found, states it must be installed on a media server. I my case this is not possible, as all media servers are NBU appliances, the ma...

AAlmroth by Level 6
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Resolved! Need Media ID's added to this report

Can someone assist in getting the media id's added into this report? SELECT ms.networkName AS 'Master Server'         , AS 'Image'         , utcBigIntToNomTime(di.writeStartTime) AS 'Backup Date'         , utcBigIntToNomTime(di.expirationTim...

Backup Image Retention Summary by Client Report Needed

Report that shows the retentions to avoid or identify retentions that deviate from standards of tapes held more than 90 days. If backup is still active, fields include: Server Name;Client Name;Policy Name;Schedule Name;Retention in days for different...

Operations Center issue running custom reports

Does anyone have any information on running custom reports and getting either unknown exception error or invalid query responses for a custom report that worked once? I randomly get these messages in 2 of my environments even though I have been able ...

Resolved! OpsCenter/Netbackup not displaying reports over 2 1/2 weeks

Hi All, I have OpsCenter setup and when I try to run a report I am not seeing anything before August 12th. I have files on the weekends that don't expire for 6-12 months. Is there something else I need to configure to get this working correctly?   Th...

npolite by Level 5
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Resolved! ChargeBack Report for clients and/or Policy names

Hi Everyone I am currently running OpsCenter and a Master server  I was wondering if OpsCenter has a report that can show the "Chargeback" cost client by client.  I know in the past versions there was a way to report the total daily ...

Alert frequency

I have some alert policies setup such as the low available media alert. Is there a way to have it continue to email at a defined interval until either it is acknowledged or cleared? Right now, it seems to only send one alert once the policy goes "Act...