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Veritas Social Digest 31-Jul

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#VtasPart #HPOI with this weeks double summer social digest from @VeritasTechCo at

Veritas Partners Harness the Power of Information with this weeks double summer social digest from our TwitterLinkedIn & YouTube channels  Simply click share at the top of the page to share this blog post with your professional social networks or follow and share selected stories below.

Brand Story

Matt Cain Interview
Exciting times lining up ahead! Get a closer look as @veritastechco VP Matt Cain shares his insights: #HPOI
Linkedin: Wondering what’s coming up next for Veritas Technologies Corporation? Here’s a great overview of the new strategy from Vice President Matt Cain: 


Veritas Homepage
Excited to see plans shaping up for  @veritastechco! Here’s a list of the latest offerings: #HPOI
Linkedin: Here’s a good reference web page to help stay up to date with Veritas Technologies Corporation’s newest offerings:


Backup & Recovery

SpiceWorks Data Link Ming Chow Testimonial
: Here’s an informative video about #NetBackup for those wanting to know more about the @veritastechco solution:
Linkedin: There’s been a lot of chatter lately about Veritas Technologies Corporation’s NetBackup solution. Here’s a quick video outlining the overview of benefits with Support Service Architect for Datalink Ming Chow:


Symantec WP: Key Factors for Modernizing
Check out this interesting read on the advantages of a modernized appliance #backup solution: @veritastechco #HPOI
Linkedin: Curious, how is your company handling backup and recovery? Based on what I’ve seen, every company has different needs. Here’s a good white paper giving sound advice on where to start and how to pick the right solution to meet those needs:


Competitive Report: DCIG COMMVAULT
Here’s an interesting back up needs comparison study between vendors. Nice to see Veritas highlighted: #HPOI
Linkedin: Many data backup solutions may seem similar, but this study sheds light on the differences. Nice to see Veritas Technologies Corporation highlighted here:


Video: NetBackup vs. EMC
What do you consider the most important factors in #data backup?Speed & scope? #HPOI @veritastechco
Linkedin: When it comes to data backup and recovery, I see speed and scope as important factors. Here’s an interesting Veritas Technologies Corporation video on the topic:


Information Availability


Analyst report: ESG Solution brief: Software-defined Storage: It’s What It Does That Matters
Considering an update to your organization’s #SDS approach? Here's a good report from #HPOI
Linkedin: Does your IT team use software-defined storage? This brief is a good read to get to know what we’re doing at Veritas Technologies Corporation with SDS:


Software-Defined Storage Infographic
Interesting fact: The software-defined storage market is expected to grow to $6.2B by 2019 @VeritasTechCo #HPOI
Linkedin: The software-defined storage market is expected to reach $6.2 billion by 2019. Here’s an interesting infographic that shares Veritas Technologies Corporation’s approach:


InfoScale page
Twitter: Did you know 74% of Fortune 100 companies use @veritastechco? Here’s a helpful summary of Veritas InfoScale: #HPOI
Linkedin: Do you consider information to be the lifeblood of your business? If so, here’s a helpful summary of Veritas Technology Corporation’s InfoScale offerings:


Information Governance

Analyst Report: Neuralytix Data Paper
Spending too much time on useless data? Here are some good tips for #IT & #data pros: #HPOI @veritastechco
Linkedin: Does your team spend too much time dealing with useless data? How do you cope? Here are some ideas from Veritas Technologies Corporation on ways to get rid of unnecessary clutter: 


Analyst Report: Gartner Newsletter
Check out these great resources highlighting getting started with your company's #infogov plan: #HPOI @veritastechco
Linkedin: These resources from Gartner for Veritas Technologies Corporation are helpful if you’re looking to craft a solid information governance strategy:


InfoMap page
Check out this cool @veritastechco Information Map demo tool: #HPOI
Linkedin: Here’s a cool new VeritasTechnologies Corporation Information Map demo tool. Check it out and let me know what you think:


Video: Chaos to Clarity
Data management can be risky business. This @veritastechco video helps lay out important facts: #HPOI
Linkedin: Interesting to think that businesses can be at risk from their own assets. This helpful Veritas Technologies Corporation video explains why:


Industry Report


Gartner Report: Rebalance Your Information Risk
Guilty of #data hoarding? Break the habit with tips from this @Gartner_inc report: #HPOI @veritastechco
Linkedin: It’s easy to save everything out of convenience, but is an unstructured data nightmare worth it? This Gartner report highlights the best ways to tackle data overload:


Partners, we look forward to helping you innovate, experiment & accelerate in the Veritas Expert Community