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VSF HA 6.0.1 for Windows - read policy

Hello all,

we have installed Symantec Storage Foundation HA 6.0.1 for Windows.

I want to properly configure the read policy.

I'm reading the documentation and I'm a little confused....

For Linux, the "siteread" read policy can be enable, but for Windows it is impossible (available only "Round robin" and "Preferred").

  • Windows guide: Veritas Storage Foundation Administrator's Guide - English, page 224
  • Linux guide:Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0.1 Administrator's Guide - English, page 149


Could you explain why the "siteread" read policy is unavailable for Windows OS?


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Re: VSF HA 6.0.1 for Windows - read policy

There have always been certain differences between available features on Unix/Linux and Windows.
Best to check features before a decision is made about about platform and OS.

You may want to reach out to Product Management (via local Veritas office) for answers to your 'why' question....

Re: VSF HA 6.0.1 for Windows - read policy

There is a slight difference how the site awareness feature handled in Windows and Linux, the former has a bit less tunables available and/or documented, however you can configure site aware volumes with SFW 6.1 onwards (not on 6.0.1, IIRC), here is some more info