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Failed to start up the cluster service

2018/08/09 15:48:46 VCS INFO V-16-1-10305 Resource JavaMethodServer (Owner: unknown, Group: Documentum) is offline on devuaedms12 (VCS initiated)2018/08/09 15:48:46 VCS NOTICE V-16-1-10446 Group Documentum is offline on system devuaedms122018/08/09 1...

How to boot VXVM disk on another same model server

I am using the Solaris 9 , Veritas Volume manager and VCS 4.1 MP2 , mirror two boot disk. I want to use remove the mirror disk to boot another same model server for system requirements.  May I know what is the procedure to do this action can boot it ...

RVG needs recovery

Please help, there was a power issue at the DR site and all the equipment went down, trying to bring up the resources on the DR system and i get this error from the engine logs ==============================================2018/03/28 18:14:56 VCS WAR...

ubar by Level 1
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help : vxdisk list show error for all disks

Hi Everyone,Kindly i really appreciate your help to me to fix this issue[root@ruabon1 ~]# vxdisk listDEVICE       TYPE            DISK         GROUP        STATUSsda .         auto:none             -                  -               errorsdb         ...

Resolved! How to extend the volume

Dear AllMy current Solaris 9.0 using the VM 4.1 version.  I have the one mount point in 90 % usage, and need to extend the volume but there is no space usage.  Therefore I add the new disk space to VM by using vxdiskadm  c3t40d1s2 root@devuardms01 # ...

hastatus show fault

I run the cluster to show the group faulted status.  I ran the hagrp -clear , but it failed to start up the service grouproot@devuaedms11 # hastatus -sum-- SYSTEM STATE-- System State FrozenA devuaedms11 RUNNING 0A devuaedms12 RUNNING 0-- GROUP STATE...

IT_guys by Level 4
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vxconfigd segmentation violation error

Hi, I am encountering "vxconfigd segmentation violation" error in my customer's POC setup on a RHEL 6.5 virtual machine with SF6.1Tried searching for answers in the support site and came across a few links below however none works.  Have logged a sup...

ELK by Level 2
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vxconfigd died after adding new luns

Hi Team, I have an issue where Customer informed after adding new LUNS to nodes in cluster , vxconfigd daemon died . Below are error messages seen on nodes : Nov 28 05:46:58 server101 kernel: sd 1:0:4:0: Warning! Received an indication that the LUN a...

linuxrocks by Level 2
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LUKS encryption of shared disk?

Hello! We have a virtualized environment with HP blade servers connected to a SAN where we intend to run several Linux (RHEL 7.2) VMs and Vertias SF 6.2.1. 15 of these VMs will form a cluster where all cluster nodes will mount and use the same shared...

epkmlid by Level 3
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VVR mount read only on secondary, backup for DR

Hi,I just took over this configuration and I figured Id ask this to ensure we dont run into any issues.The Back up admin is executing a script on a secondary site to mount filesystems RO to back them up.Aside from issuing the correct mount command if...

Smok by Level 1
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Resolved! Failed to mirror the disk

Hi All, I have the disk mirror problem on the Solaris 5.9 , the VXVM version 4.1 MP.  Let me summary the issue.1, For the system fault, we removed the disk from the slot without use vxdiskadm to do, the vxprint show the c1t1d0s2 rootdg2 removed.2. Bo...

DR site node crashed and being reinstalled

EnvironmentOS                           = RedhatOS version              = 5.3  SFHA/DR               = 2(Primary Site) + 1(DR Site)SFHA/DR version = 5.0 MP3RP3Query[ We want VERITAS expert opinion & suggestion if any point we missed from below activi...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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cinder multi attach limitation with Veritas

Hi, We are deploying our multi node cluster solution using vertias cluster in openstack cloud, in our solution we use external storage and LUNs/volume are attached to all the node.However, there is a limitation from cinder that multi-attach functiona...

achal by Level 2
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Resolved! vxdg crash

hi,i imported vxdg import v on node test88 from an vcs cluster.the diskgroup v is on a shared disk between test88 and test6.then i crash test88.i try to import on test6:vxdg -f import v and test6 crash.i redone the scenario and vxdg -C import v and t...

vucni11 by Level 4
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vxvm import

hi,i have 2 nodes vcs test6 and test88.test6:~/Desktop # vxdisk listDEVICE TYPE DISK GROUP STATUSsda auto:sliced rootdisk rootdg onlinesdb auto:cdsdisk - (test99) onlinesdc auto:cdsdisk - (test99) onlinesdd auto:cdsdisk - (test99) onlinesde auto:none...

vucni11 by Level 4
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Resolved! vcs hang

hi,if i stop vcs on a node with hastop -local and if a certain resource can not be offline or if the resource agent can not clear the faulty flag then the vcs will not stop on that node.i seen that vcs this true?i should intervene

vucni11 by Level 4
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