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Resolved! Server crash when import SAN disk

Hi everyone I have an issue with a replicated SAN disk on a secondary VVR server.While I try to import the disk, the Windows Server 2012 crashes and BSOD happens with an error related to ntfs.sysThe import command:vxdg -g diskgroup import Harddisk1Tr...

Resolved! Veritas 7.4 cluster resources goes offline automatically

2019/01/29 22:14:17 VCS ERROR V-16-2-13067 (LSVPRDMMFE4A) Agent is calling clean for resource(cfsmount5) because the resource became OFFLINE unexpectedly, on its own.2019/01/29 22:14:18 VCS ERROR V-16-2-13067 (LSVPRDMMFE4A) Agent is calling clean for...

The vxbench behavior with linux iostat

It is so strange that the vxbench_rhel6_x86_64 program can run successfully and output the result at last, but the system iostat always shows zero during the running process !Notes: I have tested this with many RHEL5/6 systems, but the same result! I...

liuyl by Level 6
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Resolved! replace disk

hi,if i like to replace a disk ten usually i use vxdiskadm or vxplex rm dis plex then vxdg it better to try first after i replced the disk vxreattach -rb then if this not work to try the above?tnx

lelu by Level 3
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Resolved! plex at TEMPRMSD state

hello,one of the plexes I have under the volume is in TEMPRMSD stete.The volume is holding data so I must keep the data.The disks status is:DEVICE       TYPE            DISK         GROUP        STATUSdisk_0       auto:ZFS        -            -      ...

The behavior of VxDMP when one of its multi-path down

When we test the VxDMP 5/6 with default minimumq for both VxVM and LVM via the same HDS G1K and vxbench program on AIX 5/6, a strange phenomenon appeared!That is, once one of the VxDMP for VxVM multipath was broken down, the I/Os of all the others go...

liuyl by Level 6
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Failed to start up the cluster service

2018/08/09 15:48:46 VCS INFO V-16-1-10305 Resource JavaMethodServer (Owner: unknown, Group: Documentum) is offline on devuaedms12 (VCS initiated)2018/08/09 15:48:46 VCS NOTICE V-16-1-10446 Group Documentum is offline on system devuaedms122018/08/09 1...

How to boot VXVM disk on another same model server

I am using the Solaris 9 , Veritas Volume manager and VCS 4.1 MP2 , mirror two boot disk. I want to use remove the mirror disk to boot another same model server for system requirements.  May I know what is the procedure to do this action can boot it ...

RVG needs recovery

Please help, there was a power issue at the DR site and all the equipment went down, trying to bring up the resources on the DR system and i get this error from the engine logs ==============================================2018/03/28 18:14:56 VCS WAR...

ubar by Level 1
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help : vxdisk list show error for all disks

Hi Everyone,Kindly i really appreciate your help to me to fix this issue[root@ruabon1 ~]# vxdisk listDEVICE       TYPE            DISK         GROUP        STATUSsda .         auto:none             -                  -               errorsdb         ...

Resolved! How to extend the volume

Dear AllMy current Solaris 9.0 using the VM 4.1 version.  I have the one mount point in 90 % usage, and need to extend the volume but there is no space usage.  Therefore I add the new disk space to VM by using vxdiskadm  c3t40d1s2 root@devuardms01 # ...

hastatus show fault

I run the cluster to show the group faulted status.  I ran the hagrp -clear , but it failed to start up the service grouproot@devuaedms11 # hastatus -sum-- SYSTEM STATE-- System State FrozenA devuaedms11 RUNNING 0A devuaedms12 RUNNING 0-- GROUP STATE...

IT_guys by Level 4
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vxconfigd segmentation violation error

Hi, I am encountering "vxconfigd segmentation violation" error in my customer's POC setup on a RHEL 6.5 virtual machine with SF6.1Tried searching for answers in the support site and came across a few links below however none works.  Have logged a sup...

ELK by Level 2
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vxconfigd died after adding new luns

Hi Team, I have an issue where Customer informed after adding new LUNS to nodes in cluster , vxconfigd daemon died . Below are error messages seen on nodes : Nov 28 05:46:58 server101 kernel: sd 1:0:4:0: Warning! Received an indication that the LUN a...

linuxrocks by Level 2
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