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urgent solutin needed

    I am executing below command through script  to restore volumes ssh -p 22 root@ dd if=/dev/rmt/0n ibs=4096b | (cd /mnt; vxrestore -c -r -b 4096 -f -) after restoring thre or four volimes, its ending with below message ==...

symsonu by Level 6
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Troubleshooting a "failed" disk

Hello all, First things first, I have looked at this article to try and solve my problem, without success. My server is configured this way: SunOS hunahpu 5.9 Generic_122300-45 sun4u sparc SUNW,Netra-T12 System Configuration: Sun Microsystems  sun4u ...

vxconfigd errors every few minutes

Hi all,   Would appreciate help with the following error received on only one of two cluster nodes:   V-16-6-16100 )hostname) chkvxconfigd:The VxVM process vxconfigd seems to be un-responsive. Stopping vxnotify process, so that resources get unregist...

yairz by Level 4
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Resolved! San migration

Hi Guys, I have one concat volume say vol01. I am planning to create a striped plex on new storage devices and attach it to the existing volume vol01 and mirror it with existing concate plex. Kindly let me know if it feasible to perform. Your help is...

nitj by Level 3
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Resolved! veritas storage foundation 5.1

  Hi , i need to know how i can download 5.1 storage foundation from fileconnect website, i have a serial number but it showing the 6.0.1 software!! please advise,

Need a solution for volumes

root@refadm1-oss1:/tmp# vxdisk list DEVICE       TYPE            DISK         GROUP        STATUS c0t5006016047201339d0s2 auto:sliced     disk2        ossdg        online c0t5006016047201339d1s2 auto:sliced     disk3        sybasedg     online c0...

symsonu by Level 6
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Resolved! version `SUNW_1.2' not found

  I m new to the vertias volume manager. For practice, I have installed the vxvm on solaris 64 bit os using virtualbox.    I have created volume group and  trying to format filesystem with vxfs, the below error is getting. can you please fix the issu...

Resolved! setting up an llt high priority

when setting up the llt high priority on the interface should i assign an IP address, and are there any files i should edit on the SFHA installation thanks in advance mig31

MIG31 by Level 4
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Resolved! vcs on a two cluster node

HI is this the right config on my cluster node. [root@localhost /]# /opt/VRTS/bin/hastatus -sum -- SYSTEM STATE -- System               State                Frozen               A  system1              RUNNING              0                   ...

MIG31 by Level 4
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Resolved! hostname not shown completely in diskid

Dear fellows, Does you ever meet such issue that hostname does not shown completely in diskid ? The hostname is "jccmsdb2", but vxdisk list or vxpriutil show only "jccmsdb" in diskid and hostid.   root@jccmsdb2:/tmp<mailto:root@jccmsdb2:/tmp># vxdisk...

Resolved! Learning Storage Foundation

Hi All, I am interested in learning storage foundation for unix / solaris and windows. I have discussed with my fellow colleagues at work to get some understanding of the product itself and have seen some videos too. Can someone guide me on setting u...

rihatum by Level 2
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Error started in Rhel 6.4 with installing VXFS

Hello this is kinda a duplicate of However its not working again.    While installing SFHA when we reach VXFS we get this     Preparing packages for installation... VRTSvx...

Kim_Borup by Not applicable
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Resolved! HP 3PAR StorServ 7000/10000 and VxDMP 3.5 / 4

I was wondering if anyone has experience using HP 3PAR StorServ 7000 / 10000 (V Class) with VxDMP 3.5, or 4.  It seems that these arrays are supported out of the box with 5 and 6.  In previous versions, the libvx3par ASL is available or embedded, but...

DMP / VCS configuration looks ok, but OS shows errors

Goodday,   I have a VCS running, as far as I can tell, everything looks ok. It is a 2 node cluster directly (no switch) connected to a SUN/LSI/ 6180 diskarray. The connections look ok. DMP shows no errors but in the messages file on the OS it is cons...

Resolved! Upgradation from sfha/dr 5.0 MP3RP3 to sfha 6.0.3

Existing Environment Two nodes cluster at primary site and one node cluster at dr site (GCO) OS on all nodes = rhel 5.3 sfha/dr version = 5.0 mp3rp3 Agenda Plan to upgdate the sfha/dr version from 5.0 mp3rp3 to sfha/dr 6.0.3 Question 1.) Can we upgra...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! lun over 2TB got error status from vxdisk list

Hi,   I have tried to bring up this lun for 2 days, and got nearly no progress, sometimes the lun can be online, but if I try to use vxdisksetup to setup it, it would become error again, I am really despairing, I hope someone can help me to solve thi...