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BESR 2010 Questions.

Level 4


Before i start let me tell you i am allready using backup exec media server + 2 dlo packs.


My questions refers to BESR,

Currently we backup our server, which contains the system(active directory, backup exec server, much more) and data on other partitiions via windows server backup, the server OS is windows 2008 server R2. this in raid 10 configuration.

the windows server backup has some benfits

1. since it really doesnt do full, our data on server is about 1TB, systemis only 40gb of it. untill now the full of the windows server backup are only consume time, but allow me to restore past versions before this full, we noticed we can safe data on disks for ages. it do the full automatic - i dont need to set date for it.

2. it works really good with usb disks, it doesnt require drive letter as it works with GUID.

3. it does block level backup for indevidual file / folders.

3. the major with it that i have noticed this week its the restore to another hardware, there for i have read with BESR restore anywhere i can restore the systen(the active directory and all softwares) to any hardware.

i have downloaded the trial version, made backup(from the system) tried restore and it worked, therefor i have very imprtant questions.

1. I have noticed the restore anywhere is included in trial as i could check it iin the backup disk, is this correct?

2. I have noticed i canb only put 32 drivers inside the disk, my resore was made from raid 10, to single 1TB IDE

but how will this restore react when i will try to restore to a computer with different raid with 64bit drivers(in windows)

will this work?

3. I have noticed it creates the system partition disk as it use in the source machine, 500g, but the image is only 17gb. will restore to a smaller destenaton work ?

4. the catalogs are saved on the destenation backup?

5. how do i setup rotation to usb disks, i have noticed i can only backup to drive letter, the probem is that the usb disks ofen change letters.

we use 3 rotation disks(1 for each week) and 1 is sent to offsite.

i saw there is backup destention and offsite destenation, so what should i use with my 3 usb disks rotatation.

6. How the incremental will work ? I am planning perhaps only to backup the System with BESR and the rest with windows server backup

Week1 - disk 1, i suppose i will create incremental task. when the disk is clean, it will know to do full insted of the incremental on first time?

Week2 - disk 2, this disk come to replace disk 1(disk 1 sent to offsite), wll know to do full on first time insted of incremental

Week3 - disk 1 is backup, what type of backup will be here? Will it be incremental from week1? if not, will it know to do full here(without telling the software)

if its full, will i be able to restore data before this full?

if not- it means all backups and incremental before this full are deleted?