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Creating a Recovery disk

Level 2

HI, iv'e downloaded and installed the trail vesion of the backupexec system recovery 8.5.


when i try to create a recovery disk, the first thing i get is a screen where i am required to browse to the location of the "source symantec recovery disk location".


i dont have a source disk - thats exactly what i'm trying to create...


i've already tried directing it to both folders i've downloaded with the trial version ("BESR851_AllWin_English_SrdOnly" and "BESR851_AllWin_Multilingual_Prod" which origanlly where downloaded as zip files and where extracted), i thought that there it might find the files it needs..


it didnt.


please advice, thanks!!!




Level 6
Employee Accredited
BESR851_AllWin_English_SrdOnly should contain a .ISO file. Use any standard CD burning software to burn this image onto a disk and you will have a valid recovery disk. Under most circumstances it is unnecessary to create a custom SRD unless you are going to attempt to restore to a system using a RAID controller which is not recognized by the driver validation application included on the SRD.