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Ransomware - Encrypted backups

Hi Guys,

one of the servers have been hit with ransomware, they have encrypted all files and folders including the last good backup, there is no offsite backup and this is the real only hope to get our info back.

The backup was done the night before the attack and no further backups have taken place.

All files are now encrypted with .roger extension

I can rename the files back to readable .v2i format, but when trying to open them it fails, not sure if they corrupted or if just not doing it right. 

Are there other tools out there that can retrieve content information of .v2i backups?

Hoping for good news...Thanks in advance

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Re: Ransomware - Encrypted backups

Did you use recovery point browser or mount the v2i file ? If you use either one, please try another one.
If both of them fails, please let us know error messages.