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Recovery Point Browsing and Size of Backup

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Microsoft Windows 2008 Standard 64bit OS
Partition marked for Backup as Backup Destination
RDX Drive used as Off-Site location
FTP Used as Off-site location

I was going through my logs and noticed that most of my backups are between 700MB and 3.6GB in size.  This seems actually quite large to me when compared with the changes that are happening daily.

I decided to Explore a recovery point and started looking throguh it.  It seemed to show me files that were not touched for a couple of years.

This may be due to it first searching the base recovery point, but I would like to know... how do I find out EXACTLY what is in my recovery points?  I understand that it should be delta information, therefore not even complete files, but they are associated with files.  How can I be sure we are not backup up information erroneously?

My FTP off-site is about a week behind trying to keep up.



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Level 3

It appears that either no one is reading this post, or no one knows how the magic of BESR works.  The first is ok... it's a forum.  The second is just disturbing.

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You have to remember that BESR is a sector-based backup product. Incremental backups will contain sector changes since the last recovery point.

I assume you are referring to the recovery point browser when you say 'I decided to Explore a recovery point..'. If so, what you see when you open an incremental recovery point is the contents of base (full) backup and all incrementals. Unfortunately there isn't an easy way to determine exactly what was backed up in each incremental backup. This, I think, would be a good enhancement request.

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This is definitly a desired feature.

I am testing BESR this week and after some search found your answer. The lack of this feature  is probably going to be the sole reason I will not choose BESR.

A log for the entire Backup Job whould be perfect and probably easy to achieve.

(if some reads this at a time this is already available, please reply saying so)

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Michael or others,


Can you explain what you mean with your explanation. We want to help, but need some more details.