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VRP supported DNS solutions

I'm just starting my training on this solution and I've come across VRP's capability of modifying DNS records when performing DR/rehersal operations.

I'm not a network guy, so I apologize in advance if my question makes no sense.

The documentation mentions that VRP is compatible with either Windows DNS or BIND, but it is not clear to me if devices such F5 BIG-IP that can serve as DNS servers can be integrated with VRP so that whenever a DNS record has to be updated, the whole process can be managed by VRP.  

Any guidance on this topic is highly appreciated.

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Re: VRP supported DNS solutions


It depends on the device. You should be able to configure the F5 as a bind device but it might depend on whether it requires secure connections or not. If I recall correctly, VRP wants to use secure connections and if the device is not configured for it, it might not work.

A few years ago I needed to Integrate a Infoblox device but couldnt get it to work for the reason mentioned above (i might have mixed up whether vrp wants to use secure, or not)

In the end i configured a script that would be triggered by the dr plan instead of trying to use the dns settings in vrp.

This was a few years ago so maybe ask support if the device is supported or not.