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MySQL 5.6.39 Upgrade for eDiscovery Platform 8.3 and 9.0

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Hello Everybody, 

I wanted to let you all know that as of March 29, 2018MySQL 5.6.39 Upgrade for eDiscovery Platform 8.3 and 9.0 has been released MySQL Upgrade for eDiscovery Platform 8.3 / 9.0

The Veritas eDiscovery Platform MySQL Upgrade installer has been created to allow customers to upgrade their eDiscovery Platform 8.3 and 9.0 installs to the latest tested version of MySQL to meet security needs. This installs MySQL version 5.6.39. The upgrade includes both the MySQL Server software as well as the MySQL connector library used by the eDiscovery Platform.

If you're not already, make sure you subscribe to the article to get notified of future MySQL upgrades as they're released. 

The upgrade can be applied by downloading from the aforementioned link and installing from the exe file. Please make sure to follow the steps listed in the article, especially the step of performing a full node backup.

Best Regards,
James Harris
Business Critical Engineer Veritas eDiscovery Platform
Business Critical Services
Veritas Technologies LLC