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Resolved! Compliance Accelerator problem...

When I attempt to create a new department in CA it tells me that no vault stores are available or that the Enterprise Vault Directory Service isn't running,but it is, so I believe there must be a config file somewhere that isn't pointed to the correc...

dand by Level 3
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Resolved! Compliance Accelerator - Search Review Set

Question - In regard to sent e-mail, is there a way to prevent duplicates from being added to the review set?   How do you stop getting multuiple hits on the same message? As an example, if an employee sends an e-mail to 5 other employees as recipien...

Compliance Accelerator report not generating data?

Hi there. In our CA, we have a scheduled job that runs daily  to search for emails with specific hotwords for all departments. Everything has been running fine. Recently, we have gotten a request to use the report function in CA.  When we tried to ru...

Resolved! How to upgrade Accelerator to 2007?

I'm new to Enterprise Vault, and I got assigned to an upgrade project of the Accelerator component for the Compliance group. I know nothing about EV Accelerator, and I need some help. We currently use Accelerator 6.5 SP2, and I need to upgrade to 200...

Resolved! Complaince Accelerator searches with wild cards (*).

I just upgraded a customer from CA 6.0 SP2 to CA 2007 SP2. Before anyone says that's an unsupported upgrade, I did an interim upgrade to CA 7.0 SP2 before I got them on 2007 SP2.   Anyway, when the customer was on CA 6.0 SP2, they used a hot word lis...

Compliance Accelerator - Cannot Retrieve Item Fix

I tried to follow the instructions found in: Document ID: 301485   The step that says to enter 0 for 'Hit Highlighting Type' does not work for me.  I get the following message: "Enter a number betw...

Mojorsn by Level 5
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Error while configuring Compliance Accelerator

  hi, i get the following exceptions while configuring the customer database. Could somebody help with this? Exception of type 'System.Web.HttpUnhandledException' was thrown. - Could not find stored procedure 'sp_Sel_AllMarks'. Exception Info ...

MANUFAN by Level 3
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Resolved! Need: Compliance Accelerator User Guide

Dear All,   We have implemented EV Compliance Accelerator 7.0 SP2 in our environment. We couldnt find Compliance Accelerator User Guide. Are there anyone who knows or got such kind of document?   Regards   Koray

koray_alkan by Level 4
Partner Certified
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Compliance Accelerator Sizing Issues

Hi All,   Are there any sizing document of Compliance Accelerator 7.0 ? We are going to implement CA for 5000 users environment, How much disk space shall I reserve for it?   Any suggestions are very appreciated.   Regards,   Koray

koray_alkan by Level 4
Partner Certified
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Resolved! Compliance Accelerator Reporting

Are any of you familiar with the reporting features in Compliance Accelerator(CA6 SP1)? I'm trying to find a way to get a detailed report on review activity for certain departments. All I seem to be able to get is how many messages are reviewed, but ...

Compliance Accelerator permissions

Hello, I am needing some help with CA. I have inherited the existing system and it has about a dozen Department Groups and a few reviewers but I'd like just 1 person to see a journaled mailbox and no others. Is this possible? Thank you! Phil.

Compliance Accelerator - configuring

Any suggestions as to why I might be getting an "ambiguous column name" error while configuring a new customer within Compliance Accelerator? The sql script seems to be chugging along quite nicely until it hits this brickwall. Thanks.

Alan_M by Level 6
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Resolved! Compliance Accelerator Mass Review???

We currently have a large backlog of messages to review in CA. Our reviewing dept wants to be able to wipe out all the email that needs to be reviewed from a certain date back. Does anyone know if there is a utility or somewhere in CA where I coul...

Resolved! Compliance accelerator SA rights on SQL Server

The compliance team tried to schedule a job through the web app and it failed on a permissions issue. Support says login needs to have 'sa' rights on the SQL Server server. Company policy does not allow Application accounts to have these privileges. ...