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BEDATA Folder Files Unable to Delete Manually

Level 3

BE 20.5

Unable to manually delete any files or folders from the B2D Disk BEDATA folder

I have full privileges (administrator) to the system and drive

I created a new B2D and have the same problem

The prompt I get is :"You need permission to perform this action" "You require permission from Administators to make changes to this folder"

I have no problems accessing / deleting files in the BEControl folder or any other folders I create on the B2D drive - Just cannot do anything in the BEDATA folder


Level 6

Assuming your are on Backup exec 20.

There is a feature for Ransomware or Lockdown that prevents deletion or access.


Note: Media should be dleeted thru the console storage tab by expiring media. If you manually delete media and dont cleanup the catalogs thru Backup Exec items will be out of sync and cause problems in the future.