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Backing up Exchange 2007 IS using 2012

Our 2007 exchange server IS stores are failing to backup


Backup of exchange 2007 fails with final error: 0xe000fedf - A failure occurred reading an object.

This links to


The server and drive the exchange db is on has almost 25% free space. (122GB of 700gb free)


The article doesn't help much other than that.


Anyone else had this?




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Hi,   Any AV on that Exchange



Any AV on that Exchange server? If so, stop it and try the backup again.


Thanks for the reply

Thanks for the reply craig.

We run Windows Defender on out Exchange 2007 server


NET STOP "Windows Defender" is the pre-job command we use. Is this sufficient?



If that will stop and disable

If that will stop and disable the AV services, then it should be fine...