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Backup Exec Server and Client License

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Hi All,
I am looking for inexpensive backup solution for 10~15 servers (windows 2003/windows 2008), and came across Backupexec. I haven't used Backupexec yet. I have couple of queries:
1. How does Server - client licensing work in Bakcupexec
2. Can i backup data to autoloader?

Could you help me with above queries.


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1)  You will need one base license for each Media Server.  That is, each server that actually runs BackupExec jobs.  They must be W3K3 until BE2010 comes out early next year with support for media servers on W2K8

You must also purchase and install one Remote Agent on each remote server you want to backup.  If you are also running MSSQL/Oracle/Exchange/Domino servers, you will need one license for each server (but they will include one Remote Agent license each)

2)  Yes,. the base Server license includes support for one loader with one drive.  Additional loaders or additional drives require one LEO (Library expansion option) each.  BackupExec also supports Backup-to-Disk, adn can be setup to duplicate B2D to tape for off-site storage

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The Licensing for Backup Exec is pretty easy.

1  : For every Remote Server we require a Remote agent License (RAWS Lisense)
2  : For Exchange, SQL...etc...we require respective license

If we are installing Backup Exec on Exchange or SQL Server with Exchange License, we can use one Remote Agent License on any other Remote Server.

Backup Exec Supports any number of Stand Alone Drives and 1 Drive in a Library, if you have more than 1 Drive in the Library, you need to purchase the Library Expansion Option License (LEO)

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If you need more some easier to understand licensing policies...  Ask your local reseller of choice.  They can explain how it's licensed and what will work for your environment and hardware.

The above explanations while making sense, are also confusing if you've never used the product before.  Me, I've used it for over 10 years so it's a non issue...

That said, if I can take a easier approach to it...  There is always a core server license.  This includes the ability to backup itself to a single drive in a tape library.
After that, you need "remote agents," for each additional server you want to backup. NOTE: There are application specific agents (e.g. Exchange, SQL, etc) and those come bundled with the "remote agents," included in the price.

To give you an example using your environment (assuming 15 servers all windows based and a single drive autloader)
1 BE server license
15 remote agents for WIndows

Or if you had an Exchange server
1 BE server license
14 remote agents for windows
1 Exchange license

Or if you had Exchange, Active Directory(which you have to have for Exchange), and a two drive library/autoloader
1 BE server license
13 remote agents for Windows
1 Exch agent
1 AD agent
1 library expansion option

again, talk to your reseller and they can help you a little clearer...