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Can legato and backup exec be installed on the same server?

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Ok, bear with me a here, as I am fairly new to backing up data to this extent.
I have 8-10 servers that I want to backup with approx 2TB of data.
I currently have a server with Legato installed, but the ony guy who knew anything about this software has left the company.

What I want to backup

1x file/print
1x DC (would like AD recovery options)
1x Exchange 2003
1x Exchange 2007 (both exchange boxes need to have mailbox recovery)
5x application servers (non sql, non oracle)

I have a tape device pool of 2 Ultrium LTO2 drives, currently we have legato installed and the only guy that knew anything about legato software has suddenly left the company (nothing documented) and the only backup software the rest of the team have in depth knowledge of is backup exec, its used at pretty much all our remote sites (circa 15) where they just back up the onsite file/print servers, but we have a 6 year data restore policy for financial reasons (being the EMEA region head office), so I dont want to drop legato altogether from the situation so we can if required restore any legacy data.

I have been given clearance to buy Backup Exec should I wish to, but overall I wanted to check the following.

1.      Can I have Legato and Backup Exec installed on the same server without any concerns?
2.      I dont want to have to buy new tapes if I dont need to so can the old legato tapes be used in a new backup exec setup
3.      what is the most cost effective backup exec solution (as I dont see the point in training everyone up in legato if we all know backup exec)


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1. Yes, you can have them installed. But stop the legato services, otherwise BE might have issues with device connectivity.
2. Yes, old tapes of legato can be used with Backup Exec, but data may not be restorable at times. You may try catalog though, but cannot assure if that would work, as legato is not in the list of softwares that are supported for restores using Backup Exec. But, new backups to same tapes should work without issues, but it would overwrite the tapes.
3. From the requirements, these are the licenses i would suggest:
1 Backup Exec core license
2 Exchange Agent license, for mailbox recovery
6 remote agent licenses, assuming you will be installing Backup Exec on one of these servers mentioned in the list.
ANd 1 Active Directory Recovery agent, if you would like to have individiual active directory objects restore feature available.

I hope this answers your questions. If it does, mark it a solution.

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Thats great, thanks very much.

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Just to add, if you install Backup Exec on Exchange server, you can do with 5 remote agent licenses in stead of 6, because you get 1 RAWS free with Exchange agent. Although, it is not really a good practice to have BE on Exchange server.

Please do mark it a solution, for reference of others.

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OK, Well I am looking at the UK store.

I can see;

Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 for Windows Small Business Server Standard Edition
Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server

But I cant see;
Remote agent licenses
Active Directory Recovery agent

Is there a number I can call to get an official quotation?

I am noty planning on installing to either of the exchange nodes


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These are the ones you should be looking at in the symantec store:
Symantec Backup Exec™ 12.5 for Windows Servers
Backup Exec 12.5 Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server
Backup Exec 12.5 Agent for Windows Systems
Refer following url for information on contactig Sales:

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