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Deduplication Storage Keeps Going Offline

Level 4

Ok so my deduplication storage started kicking itself offline a couple days ago.  I rebooted the server and it came back on but then would go back offline after awhile.  After talking to phone support discovered that I should have 15% of free space on the dedup storage available or it causes issues.  First I had heard of that but anyways I was at 3% free space on the dedup storage so the phone support said that was the problem.  So one of the solutions was making more space by deleting some backup sets.  Go to delete backup sets and I see about 50 that expired sometime in 2012 so I don't understand why they weren't deleted automatically but would figure that out later.  Delete 50 -60 backup sets and since its right before noon let BE automatically run the process to reclaim space.  5 days later the process is still running and the phone support tells me that yes it will take along time since I only have 3% free.  Ok fine that was yesterday but now today the process is still running but the dedup storage has been kicked offline 5 or 6 times today.  I put all the dedup jobs on hold so the only thing using the dedup storage is the reclaim process.  What can I do besides wait for the process to finish and keep having to put the dedup storage back online every couple hours???


Level 6

Are you updated to Backup Exec 2012 SP2?  This can be done by running Live Updates.  See  Backup Exec 2012 revision 1798 Service Pack 2 Release notes for all the Deduplication fixes

Level 4

Yes I am fully updated