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Get-BEAgentServer Failing with System.OutOfMemoryException

Level 4

Hi Team,

We are working on automation of restoration process of Backup Exec using Automation Tool "HP Operations Orchestration (OO)". When running below command from OO server on target Backup exec master server using remote power shell the operation failing with System.OutOfMemoryException error. But the same command when we run manually it is working fine.

Get-BEAgentServer <source server> | Submit-BEFileSystemRestoreJob -FileSystemSelection "C:\Windows" -RedirectToPathLogonAccount "System Logon Account" -RedirectToPath "\\<targetserver>\C:\data\rahim" -PointInTime "time" -OverwriteExistingFile Yes

We don't have any anti virus software installed on the master server. Is there any workaround for resolving the issue? Or do we need to make some changes on command level?

Please help me in this issue.

Thanks and Regards

Riyas Hussain A


Employee Accredited Certified

If the same command works fine when run manually then it is likely to be something to do with OO or the environmemt of your remote powershell - when you say works when run manually is this stil a remote manual start or are you saying it works when run on the Backup Exec Server itself but not remotely (either manually or started from OO)