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How to use miltiple NICs in a BE 12.5 media server?

Level 3
We have a Backup Exec Media server with 4 NICs in it. When we run our backups all of the jobs are using only 1 of the 4 NICs. I have looked at the documentation from Document ID: 299248 and the BE 12.5 admin console does not allow us to follow the documentation. We are never given the option to select a NIC for a job. How can I select a NIC for a job?
Also, how does BE determine what NIC to use it you have "Use any available network interface" selected in the "Job Defaults/Network and Security" options? With having 4 NICs we would think that BE would not use the same NIC all the time when we have multiple jobs starting at the same time.

Level 4
If all of the NICs face the same subnet/VLAN, I would suggest using a load balanced NIC team and let the server OS handle the traffic.  If you have a separate backup network, then I would recommend adding entries to the host file on the media server and load balance team the NICs on your backup network.  This has done a good job in our environment.

Level 6
Trunking or bonding your NIC's would be ideal if possible.  

Alternatively, within your job properties, you can select under network/security which NIC the backup traffic will go through.  Typically, if you are going to specify a NIC, it's usually a dedicated VLAN or network just for backup traffic, as well as using things like jumbo frames.  Not to mention, you need to be backing up to fast disk to take advantage of the bandwidth with dedicated NIC's.