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VCS 5.0 network agents with Solaris 10 IPMP

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I need to know the current recommended best-practice for setting up service group network agents on servers that use Sun's Solaris 10 IPMP. 

Here's the scenario: I have 6 servers in a cluster. Each server has three IPMP head devices defined for network failover (i.e. 6 physical NICs setup as IPMP pairs on each server). The servers are grouped into pairs for failover purposes but are all in the same cluster because of service group dependencies. In order to balance load on the NICs, I want to assign each service group to specific IPMP pairs on each server. All of these servers are on the same subnet.

Question 1:  Is it valid to create MultiNICB instances per server pair in the cluster with each pointing to the appropriate IPMP head devices on each of the servers?  

Example: for the server1 and server2 pair (head pairs ce1, ce2, ce3 on server1 and head pairs ce0, ce2, ce3 on server2), create:
  MultiNICB1 using ce1 on server1 and ce0 on server2
  MultiNICB2 using ce3 on server1 and ce2 on server2
  MultiNICB3 using ce2 on server1 and ce3 on server2

Question 2: Under VCS 3.5, you had to create the MultiNICB instances in a NIC-only service group and then use a Proxy instance in each service group that wanted to use those MultiNICB instances with IPMultiNICB instances for that service group. Do you still have to use this approach in VCS 5.0? If not, how would the service group definitions look?