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Validate my

Level 3

Hi all,

I'm not sure if I'm doing things as it should so I'm posting my (attached) for you to help me check if I didn't miss anything.

The configuration includs two nodes node1 and node2.

I have two file systems /Data01 and /Data02 configured in separate failover service groups, by default the first file system is mounted on node1 and the second on node2.

I have also two other file systems /fs-03 and /fs-04 which are nfs shared, each file system is part of a separate service group with a vip each.

Thanks in advance


Level 4

Can you put output of below commands ?

#vxdisk -o alldgs list

#vxprint -htg cfs04

#vxprint -htg cfs03

Suggestion :

If you are using CVM/CFS and you need to share CFS(filesystems mounted on both the nodes simultaneously), then I would suggest to use CNFS configuration. 

Check Chapter 16 in below link...

You can certainly open a case with Tech Support to review the configuration.


Thanks bhoms for your reply,

I didn't yet implement the solution, will do it perhaps tomorrow and will share with you the outputs.

I know cnfs is better, but those are the requirement, but I will definitely suggest to implement cnfs.