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Node Panic: VXFEN Critical

Hello,  I have cluster system with two nodes, installed in a cluster configuration with some parallel service groups. I'm using I/O fencing and it's working fine for all failover tests but not when I reboot one server. The problem I'm facing is when ...

Resolved! Sequencing changes

I don't need a tech solution as much as I need to check my own sanity... Working with a client who wants 2 distinct tasks accomplished. One is to replace two standalone DB servers under ZFS with a Veritas Cluster (active-active), and then do some upg...

Resolved! /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/Application/monitor[130]: RC: not found

 Applications being in an “unknown status”  on the other nodes in the cluster.  The VCS error logged the other nodes do not recognize the the applications because user id's associated with the applications are not recognized  /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/Applica...

Resolved! Agent CFSMount not sending alive messages

Hi All,   i am receiving some error messages on /var/VRTSvcs/log/engine_A.log   2011/10/13 11:10:16 VCS WARNING V-16-1-10023 Agent CFSMount not sending alive messages since October 13, 2011 11:08:03 AM IST 2011/10/13 11:10:16 VCS WARNING V-16-1-5302...

Resolved! Sync users on cluster nodes and solaris zones?

We're implementing a 4 node VCS cluster (Sun servers) with multiple solaris zones in operation within the various service groups. The zones will failover from node to node as required under the control of VCS. Are there any recommended utilities or b...

ant_oco by Level 2
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Hello, While running the vxfentsthdw, I see this call chk_dd_process() failing. I wish to know what this call does and what it is expecting. Thank you, Sumana

Sumana by Level 3
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Resolved! SPFILE Autobackup fails after Db moved to SFHA cluster

Last night I migrated my production database to a SFHA cluster made up two Sun T3-1B blade servers.  The nodes of the cluster are: st31bbl01 (Sun T3-1B blade 01) and st31bbl02 (Sun T3-1B blade 02).  The name of the virtual database server than can fa...

MultiNICA and RouteOptions

Hi, I am having a Veritas Cluster running on Linux with two nodes, and each node has two physical IP addresses. One address in and one in The default gateway is and I also need to have static routes tow...

agathi by Not applicable
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CFS(Cluster File System) issue

Hi,everyone. I encounterd a problem that some directories could not be accessed,for example: the file system "/home/netnumen",which using CFS,can not use the command "ls" to show the file(directory) it has,just hung up; but when I entered  "/home/net...

leo_lee by Level 2
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Resolved! VCS Apache Agent with SSL Enabled, and Cert Password

A VCS 5.0/5.1 customer (Solaris 10/SPARC) is using some custom scripts to manage their Apache Web Server instance in a 2-node cluster.  They have a problem, in that when Apache is started, it requires that the SSL cert password be entered manually.  ...

jstucki by Level 4
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Resolved! SORT Site Information for VCS Apache Agent - Solaris SPARC

If I go to the website, and look for the VCS Apache Agent for Solaris SPARC.... Downloads -> High Availability Agents -> <Application Agent><Apache><VCS><Solaris><SPARC> .... I am directed to the Agent Pack 2Q2011.  I dug through th...

jstucki by Level 4
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IP multiNIC switchover between interfaces >> failure

Have a cluster setup with 3 nodes (x86_64, rhel 5.5, VCS 5 MP4) Using 2 hp procurve switches. Have an internal lan (for application redundancy) configured with 2 ports, each connecting to different switches. When one the switch to which the active in...

ytv by Level 2
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Resolved! Proper way to shutdown entire VCS service for IT DOWN TIME

As titled. In our environment, there are only 3 exchange servers (2 production servers, 1 standby server). Should I shutdown the standby server first, then the 2 production servers without the needs of touching the VCS console? And also the proper wa...

JSzeto by Level 4
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Resolved! Questions about Oracle SFHA installation

I have a two node cluster of Sun T31B blade servers that will be eventually used to run my production Oracle databases.  I have completed the installation steps in the Veritas Cluster Server Installation Guide 5.1 Solaris and have a disk group "orald...

Running StartProgram and StopProgram manually

I am writing a script that will allow members of an application development team to restart/stop/start their applications which run under VCS without triggering a failover or fault within the cluster. I'm doing this by simply freezing the service gro...