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Resolved! Any Tool which can analyze the VRTSexplorer logs and give result

Environment OS = Win2008R2 SFHA version = 5.1SP2 Cluster = Two Nodes Clustered application = SQL Server 2008   Any Tool which can analyze the VRTSexplorer logs and give result or any detail/basic report. Actually the agenda is I want to see/monitor t...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! VCS on Windows and Red Hat

Hi All, I am facing a new challenge with Veritas Cluster Server. In the past I only use VCS on Solaris boxes and for a new project I have to design a HA solution for Red Hat and Windows Hosts. Those hosts are mostly virtualized (40:60 P/V) and are di...

_14 by Level 2
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Resolved! apache in cluster on solaris 10

  HI i read the 5.0  BARG documentation but it is recommended to install apache on shared space disk. is It possible to install apache binary on a local system disque and put configuration file on shared disk. please help me find documentation ...

knguessan by Level 4
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Resolved! VCS 5.0 NIC replaces

  Hi to all,   we have a two nodes veritas cluster server 5.0 on REDHAT 5.5; below the output of command "hastatus -sum"     -- SYSTEM STATE -- System               State                Frozen                 A  dbcccrm1             RUNNING          ...

enzo68 by Level 4
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VxVM vxdisk ERROR V-5-1-5433 Device c0t1d0s2: init failed

Hi All, Due to some reason team as removed the rootmirrored disk & once we attached the disk and while giving the initialize cmd it throws some error : # vxdisksetup -i c0t1d0 format=sliced VxVM vxdisk ERROR V-5-1-5433 Device c0t1d0s2: init failed: ...

Resolved! Getting VCS to tolerate short network "blips"

Hello all - This if my first time posting here and I'm new to Symantec Connect.  I also do not have a lot of working knowledge of VCS - just pretty high level.  I'm looking for an answer for a customer and am hoping someone here can help as it would ...

jjsmithct by Level 2
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Resolved! VCS Heartbeat over Fibre Optic Cables

Hello, I have a 2 node Veritas Cluster running on Solaris 10 that has been having problems with split-brain that results in corruption of my Oracle databases.  The heartbeat connections are configured through switches and I want to change that to be ...

tme by Level 2
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hagui on SLES11 not working

Hello,   Please help. I Installed VRTScscm- rpm on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64). I have Xserver running on my laptop and after connecting to the server using securecrt ( X11 forwarding turned on ) and DISPLAY variab...

Resolved! How to reduce a cluster to single node?

We have what used to be a two node cluster running now with just one server.  The application is behind a load balancer, and if the single node goes away, we're fine. The other server has been repurposed.  The problem I have is that the server runs f...

geoff_H by Not applicable
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I/O fencing fails

Hi, Scenario is as following: 1. We have 2 3-node clusters with indepedent storages. 2. We are trying to remove a node from cluster2 and add the same node to cluster1. 3. To configure fencing, have edited /etc/llthosts on all nodes, /etc/llttab on th...

ytv by Level 2
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Veritas Cluster Agent for SAP and SAP NetWeaver 7.2

Hello. We use Veritas Cluster in productive system of SAP. We plan to install EHP5 on SAP ERP2005. In this version the new kernel 7.2 is used. Whether correctly agent SAPNW04 works with this kernel? Or it is required to update any components of a cl...

Resolved! Setting a two node file Cluster on Windows 2008

Hi ,   I am planning to migrate my existing two node file Server Cluster configuration from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008 .   Need to know What steps I should take on Windows 2008 nodes before doing the cutover.   Regards   Deepak

danand by Level 3
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Node Panic: VXFEN Critical

Hello,  I have cluster system with two nodes, installed in a cluster configuration with some parallel service groups. I'm using I/O fencing and it's working fine for all failover tests but not when I reboot one server. The problem I'm facing is when ...

Resolved! Sequencing changes

I don't need a tech solution as much as I need to check my own sanity... Working with a client who wants 2 distinct tasks accomplished. One is to replace two standalone DB servers under ZFS with a Veritas Cluster (active-active), and then do some upg...

Resolved! /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/Application/monitor[130]: RC: not found

 Applications being in an “unknown status”  on the other nodes in the cluster.  The VCS error logged the other nodes do not recognize the the applications because user id's associated with the applications are not recognized  /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/Applica...

Resolved! Agent CFSMount not sending alive messages

Hi All,   i am receiving some error messages on /var/VRTSvcs/log/engine_A.log   2011/10/13 11:10:16 VCS WARNING V-16-1-10023 Agent CFSMount not sending alive messages since October 13, 2011 11:08:03 AM IST 2011/10/13 11:10:16 VCS WARNING V-16-1-5302...

Resolved! Sync users on cluster nodes and solaris zones?

We're implementing a 4 node VCS cluster (Sun servers) with multiple solaris zones in operation within the various service groups. The zones will failover from node to node as required under the control of VCS. Are there any recommended utilities or b...

ant_oco by Level 2
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