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Backup entire Users folder

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I was wondering if there was a way to either backup the entire Users folder on OS X or to be able to set a path variable like Windows. I am trying to backup OneDrive data that is placed under the user folder. I can easily specify a user directory such as /Users/John/OneDriveBusiness but to do that for nearly 100 users isn't an option.

In Windows I am able to utilize a path variable of %USERNAME% to grab each user's files. In OS X, the same command does not work. I tried UNIX variables such as $USER and $LOGNAME without success. Thinking I would be able to grab the entire /Users folder by specifiying /Users, but it doesn't seem to get the entire profile.

The admin guide does not go into detail for Macs as it does for Windows. Any help is appreciated.


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Would this work - /Users/*.*/OneDriveBusiness  ?