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Useful Desktop Laptop Option 9.7 Links

DLO Readme : v9.7DLO License GuideDLO Install Prerequisites : v9.7Quick Reference Guide for DLO Installation and Configuration : v9.7Administrator's Guide (EN) : v9.7Software Compatibility List : v9.7Hardware_Compatibility_List : v9.7How to use VxUpd...

klauskresnik by Moderator
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Resolved! Symantec DLO 8.0 case study

Assuming that we want to deploy Symantec DLO on our HQ and for few branches by using single administrative console. Take note that we want to separate the storage/dedupe (each branch have their own storage) ; Do we need to deploy any separate edge/i...

Backup entire Users folder

Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to either backup the entire Users folder on OS X or to be able to set a path variable like Windows. I am trying to backup OneDrive data that is placed under the user folder. I can easily specify a user direc...

Symantec DLO

Hi, Just I want to know that One is customer who have 30 Desktop & laptop computer in their orginzationn,But IT person want to use Symantec Dlo for backup purpose,But there is one problem each computer is not member of Domain. What I want ,is there...

support46 by Level 3
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DLO 7.6 - Encryption Keys Question

Hello, This is a question from one of my customers: A further note, within the DLO Admin Guide (v7.6), it mentions the following: DLO encrypts user data using a user-specific, randomly generated encryption-key.  The encryption-keys are stored in D...

how to take backup using dedup feature of DLO

Hello ,   I am able to create success fully dedup storage  but I am stuck to take take the backup when I start the backup job I am getting the error "engine is operating is offline mode  "  . according to the link

Resolved! how to create Dedupe Storage Locations using DLO

Hello, we installed  the DLO administrator and dedup server on same Machine as mentioned in below link  , page no.24 , option no.2.

DLO 7.5 SQL instance on remote server

Hi I have dedicated SQL server 2008 production  server( SQL server 2008 ent edition , 64 bits)  which I have to use for  DLO database . I want to know how i can create instance for DLO 7.5 manually  and through DLO 7.5 setup.   Regards Prajyot k ...

pkatakdound by Level 5
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Resolved! DLO Error 1603: Fatal Error During Installation

Hello everybody   I'm installing DLO Server with a remote SQL Server 2008 R2 database. THe agent for the database was successfully installed in the remote server, but when I'm trying to install DLO Admin and Maintenance Server in the console server, ...

Di_Ro by Level 4
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Resolved! DLO 7.6

Hi,  Does someone know if DLO 7.6 is available and what's new with this version ? Thanks. Ismail.

topuz by Level 4
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Backup Exec - DLO Migration

Dears,   I moved Backup Exec DLO to new server with the same name, same disk drive configuration ,, followed the below TechNote   All Backup exec services run successfully wi...