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DLO problem to backup files. pst

Good day fellow could tell me the best practices as respaldas my pst files that I have installed the offices is 2010, the DLO console is 7.0.
as incremental not work, check in symantec 25 days later did not help me so I write this forum.
I have configured DLO profiles as Vss for file copies. PST
vss could tell me how it works in DLO, what would be the best practice in support of my pst.
I have one last question and I have my pst documents you need to have checked the option in the user profile to find all pst files on PC if marked back up my documents.
best regards
thanks for the help


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Hi Luis, 've had recently

Hi Luis,
've had recently that the best practice in my opinion is that your customers have the same environment with respect to the versions, I mean, if you have a 64bit W7 must have a 64-bit Microsoft Office, so you can back up files hot , the same happens if you have 32 bits.
If you have a mixed environment, W7 64-bit and 32-bit Office, you have to close the Outlook so you can make backups of PST.

It is my recommendation, go long lines validating mentioned, I hope you serve.