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Access data in vault cache .db files

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We have the need to open the vault cache .db files to recover messages.  I have not been able to open them using outlook.  Is there away to access the messages saved in the vault cache databases to recover them?


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Hi, as far as I know, this is not possible, but you may log a case to doublecheck with Support.


I'm pretty sure they're just PST files?  Try copying one to another machine maybe there is a file lock on it of some kind stopping Outlook from opening it on the original machine?

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If it is indeed 'just' a PST file, then close outlook, copy the file somewhere else, rename to .pst, and see if it can be opened from Outlook.

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I was able to rename the .db files as .pst and open them in Outlook.  The vault cache had been removed from Outlook and the server is no longer available.  Ideally I would be able to reconnect the vault cache to the original computer so that I could maintain the original folder structure.  From what I can find that is handled by the server and EV policies.  Is there a way to reconnect the vault cache to Outlook manually?

You can drag and drop the stuff from the .db files to Outlook

Or you can restore the archive back to the mailbox

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yes  renaming works.

If you want to recover certain messages then drag and drop them from the renamed pst file to Outlook,

If you want to recover the archive to the vaultstore just reset the Vault Store and synchronise it. (But keep the renamed file)