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EV 9sp2 functionnalities with OWA 2010

Level 4

Dear Support,

I meet an issue using EV functionnalities Search Vault and Archive Explorer in OWA 2010.

From the internal these functionalities are working, I can use Archive Explorer and Search Vault from OWA 2010 but when accessing OWA 2010 from external, I get a message "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" when trying to open "Archive Explorer" and "Navigation was canceled" when trying to use "Search Vault".

The EV site is published through F5 and accessible from external.

The "External Web application URL" parameter in Desktop Policy is set to <https>/enterprisevault

The HUB/CAS IP addresses are in the exchangeservers.txt file and owauser.wsf has been launched. The OWA2010 extensions are installed on the HUB/CAS.


That's now few days that I'm working on this and may have missed something but what?

Thank you for your help...


Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
The exact URL that you use to access and confirm the publish works, is this the exact same URL for the one that gives Page Cannot Be Displayed???

Level 4

Sorry for my late response.

The URL I use to confirm publish works gives me access to a page with the Symantec logo and with the EV search tools (Search, New, Restore, etc...) on the left.

This URL is the same as the one set in the Desktop policy for "External Web Application URL".

When I test from our webmail, I have the EV icons but when I click on them, I get "Page cannot be displayed"

Thank you

Level 6
Accredited Certified

Hi ZeNick,

Have you configured the web.config file on the CAS servers? If so, what have you put in there. Also, from the external can you access

You mentioned that you have published EV site through F5, how is it being published? Does F5 have the WebAppUrl translator like ISA or TMG has in the publishing rule?

Basically, with Search and Archive Explorer, in order for these to work externally, the publishing rules need to be able to translate the WebAppUrl and then redirect the request to the EV server i.e. --> http://evsite.domain.local/enterprisevault. The web.config also play a big part in the configuration.

Check the file attached, it will give you more info regarding WebAppUrl (sorry if you already seen it)

Hope this helps.