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EV backup/Store designs

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Server01 With 1 Vault Store consisting of 6 Partitions. 5 out of the 6 are closed partitions. All 5 Partitions are about 1 TB in size. We were backing up EV using Backup Exec 2010 without the EV agent. What we would do is set up a backup job to run the pre script which sets the EV server in backup mode and then a post script to clear it once finished (SQL DB is being backed up using sql backup at the same time the backup exec job is running).
So with this set up we do an incremental Mon-thur (To tape) Only on the active partition and on Friday we do a Full Job to tape only on the active partition.
At the end of the month we run a full backup starting on Friday against all Partitions (they are all running at the same time to quickly complete the job before Monday). The first job runs the pre script and on Monday morning we have a post script on Server01 that executes using the task scheduler to clear the backup mode.

This was working fine for us until we rolled out Backup Exec 2014.
In Backup exec 2014 we could not just backup the files in the partition as a regular windows backup. Somehow it is aware that the Server is an EV server (probably because of our licenses key) and now we can not run concurrent full backup jobs at the end of the month. why?
1. backup Exec 2014 automatically sets the EV server in backup mode on every job. As well as clears backup mode at the end of the job.
2. This is a problem because if we put all the partitions in one backup job, each partition is being backed up in sequence. this is a problem because each partition is 1TB and waiting for each partition to finish to tape will take up the entire weekend and into the work week.
3. If we have one full job per partition; each job will put the EV server in backup mode and if any job finishes while another job is still running it will clear it.
So I guess my question(s) is, How can we complete our backup job over the weekend using tape? do companies still use tape or do they just now go to disk?
Also should we start thinking about moving our archived data to another vault store on breaking down our data for faster backups?
How do most companies backup their EV data?