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Mailbox not vaulting as items ineligible

Level 5

We have one mailbox that doesn't vault because it shows everything as 'items ineligble under policy'. The account is in the same provisioning group and has the same policy applied to it as all the other working mailboxes. The account isn't disabled, vault is enabled and the archiving task runs it just won't actually archive anything. The mailbox is on the same server\database as all other mailboxes and there are no issues with anyone else.

Haven't run a dtrace yet as i wonderd if there was a way to check why all the items are showing as 'ineligible' for no obvious reason? Is there any othe way to drill down into the affected mailbox settings? Is there some way 1 user can disable archiving for themselves?

It's on EV 10.0.4 and Exchange 2007 SP3

Appreciate any suggestions!


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In VAC, expand targets, righclick Exchange, display policies assigned to mailbox. Enter part of name.

Verify it has to correct policies.

Depending on your archiving policy....

Let's assume you have 'archiving everything older than 1 month'

Open the mailbox. On the preview pane, add column 'modified date'. Are there items older than a month?

If this all works out, I would:

Disable user for archiving.

Zap mailbox (see utilities guide under EVPM)

Run provisioning

enable user for archiving, select existing archive.

Sync user's mailbox (from archiving task)

PErform a run now on the task, for this one mailbox.

Verify archiving report.

If that still fails, you best call support. You might need to do some dtrace-ing, to find why it is not archiving.


Regards. Gertjan

Level 5

Ok i thought there might be a way to check it without having to Zap it. All the policies are correct and mailbox is enabled but nothing seems to vault. Will have to try a Zap.

Appreciate the reply :)