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Resolved! Large chunks of emails not put in Journal

Hi, Ive checked the journal Mailbox today and noticed there was 13000 items that where just sitting in the inbox. About 4000 are from a 2 day period in the end of June and another 3-4000 from a day in july and the rest from early september. Ive ch...

EV shortcuts in public folders

Good morning, I am currently developing a migration plan for a customer. In short, EV and Exchange will be migrated to another AD forest. The situation in short: Exchange 2013EV 10.0.4Mailbox archivingNO public folder archiving The problem I now e...

SebastianM_ by Level 3
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Enterprise Vault Search, Outlook Add-In Requirements

Hi, Are there any Outlook Add-In requirements for Enterprise Vault Search. Same user on 2 machines, with 10 and 11 EV outlook add-ins, get the old and the new search respectively when opening "Search Vaults" from Outlook. I can't see anything in th...

Elio_C by Level 6
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Environment Sizes

General question about EV environment sizes. My environment is 60,000 users with just over 101TB of archived mail. How does this stack up with others? 

jgorman by Level 2
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Resolved! Fast Archiving Enabled and Status remains "Build Pending"

Hi, After my EV11.0.1 upgrade I have enabled a single test mailbox for Fast Browsing (Check the box on the Advanced tab of the user properties) but 48 hours laster the status remains Build Pending. I have re-provisioned, re-synchronised and archived...

Elio_C by Level 6
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Resolved! Two Journals Need Retention Category Changed

Good morning! I have an issue I'd like some community assistance with... We have two Journaled Mailboxes, we'll call them Old Journal and New Journal. They both share the same retention category, at this time... "Permanent" (Brilliant idea from whom...

Resolved! Disable a user and allow them to restore?

Is there a way to disable a group of users, and still allow them to restore email back into their mailbox?  I've disabled archiving on my own mailbox, and now only have the "Search Vaults" toolbar button.  

Resolved! PST migrations and Storage Service

Hi I;m hoping someone can answer a couple of PST migration planning questions that I'm trying to understand. I have a single EV email archiving server which archives about 2500 users from two Exchange 2010 mailbox servers (in a two node dag). I'm pl...

CadenL by Level 6
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Enterprise Vault 11 SCOM Management Pack

Hi, Having just installed the EV11 SCOM MP I am now configuring the rules and monitors. Rather than the defaults, which IMO are way too 'noisy', I'm trying to come up with a core set of monitors which I will set to email to let me know when somethin...

Elio_C by Level 6
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Measuring throughput of Storage Expiry

Hi, reading through before we embark on a reduction on our site policy for expiry of items, and i wondered if there was a way to measure the number of items processed/rem...

wibski by Level 2
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ADFS with EV SHA and DA client

Hi, I want to setup ADFS between two domain Active Directory domain. Client A enviroment:  Exchange server (SMTP Journal Archive), AD (user object and exchange object), Sharepoint farms, DA clients Client B enviroment (hosting EV services): Diff...

Enterprise Vault 8 Server Consolidation

Hi,  I have a few EV8 (MS Failover) clusters running Enterprise Vault 8 in active / passive configuration using shared storage (cluster shared volumes). It was previously connected to an Exchange environment which has now been decommissioned. The co...

j_m1 by Not applicable
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Outlook upgrade on EV Server

Hi, I'm currently archive from Exchange 2007 using Outlook 2003 on the EV server. All works fine, but im about to start archiving from a 2013 CU8 server, so need to upgrade my Outlook version. From what i've read Outlook 2007 SP3 (with kb2596598 ins...

Dowley by Level 3
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EV11 - indexing running behind? Check this

Hello all, I've been working on an issue we had the last few weeks, where the VAC reported 'items waiting to be indexed', and where the count went up day by day. While working with support, and in this forum, I also accidentally found an KB article...

GertjanA by Moderator
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