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SearchFolderManager and error 8004011d

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I am currently at a customer and he got a lot of processing errors.

In cause, some mailboxe get folders with more than 40K items (some have 100K+).


I then tried to run the searchfoldermanger on one mailbox to test but no can do. I get that error


PS C:\Temp> SearchFolderManager.exe "/o=Tecteo/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Recipients/cn=Porta
Managing search folders for mailbox:
/o=ADInternal/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Recipients/cn=Di Carmelo Luigi
Error 8004011d

Any idea why?


I was thinking a MAPI error and started reviewed everything. Looks all correct.


Let me know



EDIT: I know I can change this max from 40K to higher in the registry but, would it not impact perfs?


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In regards to the error 8004011d, I could only find 

Might be worth a try? Looking for the errorcode on Google shows it seems to be related to communication issues between Outlook and Exchange. Not sure how to go about, but hopefully helps..

Regards. Gertjan

The users are able to retrieve their archives without any problem.


But, could it be CDO related? How can I see that the CDO is (correctly) installed?

Can I see the install in Programs and Features?


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we got the error in combination with SearchFolderManager as well and in this case it was related to not beeinging logged in as the VSA and not using an elevated cmd. Could be worth a try. 

 And regarding your second question - From my understanding setting the registry value higher as the default could affect performance. Creation of the search folder seems to be the solution to get rid of the performance issue that started with Exchange 2013 afaik.



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Yes.. opened a cas too some weeks ago and they made me add the keys.

Untill then, no more problems.


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is it possible to update us which  registry you add?


thanks ronen

Hi Gertjan,


Is there any solution on this issue?

Im also facing same issue on Enterprise Vault 12.1



Pravin Goud

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Hi there,

I have also the same error for one mailbox (on EV 12.3).

Deleted Enterprise Search Sub Folder via MFCMapi, it seems that new Search Folders won't be created.

If I run SearchFolderManager with MailboxDN placed in '', it is succesfull but won't create any folder. With "" for DN I receive error Error 81002746

All other mailboxes are managed with the runsearchfolderforevent3492 script. Zap also not succesful.


Remove the VSA account permission from the user mailbox and then re-add it. Does that resolve the issue?

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