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[Theoretical] Restore database from one week old backup

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Hi guys,

i have a theoretical question regarding Restore/Recovery.

How to deal with a problem if you have a disaster, and you only have a database backup that is a week old. The files on filesystem remain intact. When you restore what happens with items that have been archived during the active week.

And is there a way to recover from this kind of situation, or all items are lost even if they physically exist on some kind of storage.


Thanks !! :)


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You may try the EVSVR utlity 

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such a great answer i would never expect...


I know about the EVSVR, probably everyone who is using Evault knows about it. If u really wanted to help you could write how would you proceed with EVSVR to do what i asked about.

I did a test in my test environment, and i couldn't find an option in EVSVR that could help out.




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Hello Pixa,

In the utilities guide EVSVR is described, as Rahul indicates. In there, you might see that you can run first a verify, then a repair. The repair should recreate the missing database entries, based on what is found on the filesystem.

Even when doing this in a lab-environment, it might be worthwhile to call support. They most likely can advise on the exact settings you require.


Regards. Gertjan

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I've actually done this more than once. It works. It is not the most entertaining thing in the world but it does work. I would strongly strongly recommend you be on EV10.0.x or later, and not on EV 8/9, as the pre-EV10 indexes will fail when the indexing service sees that the highest index sequence number on disk is higher than what is in the database. This is not a good situation to be in, and you may need to restore the indexes to a date earlier than the database backup point in order to move forward. So I hope your theoretical environment is on a more modern version of EV :)

I would also very strongly recommend anyone facing this scenario engage Symantec Support, as the meaning of some of the different EVSVR options might not be directly obvious and a choice such as "require an index entry" might seem of low consequence but could actually end up having a huge impact.

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Thanks on your answers Patti and Gertjan.

I have been reading through the EVSVR utilities guide (obviously not enough), but i can't seem to find an option for verifying or repairing this kind of situation.

I know that i should call the support in case of this kind of situation, but this is only a test, and  i'm very eager to find this out on my own and to have some experience in case of real life situation.

Anyways, thanks again....