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Resolved! Migrate Exchange 2010 Archived Mailboxes to O365

One of our clients are migration their Exchange 2010 archived mailboxes to O365. The concern is that when the users are migrated, it will break the link (stub) between legacy EV and destination mailbox (on Exchange online) which will leave the users ...

Itegral by Level 6
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Modify Searcho2k.asp Default Search Behaviour

Hi, I am hoping someone out there has done this before. I am trying to determine a way to change the default behaviour of the search to select the top level folder (David Lewis in the example below) of the browser tree. Is this possible? Thank yo...

EV 11.0.1 CH3 - Journal Tasks Falling Behind

Hi Symantec Community, I am running 4 VMWare VMs with EV 11.0.1 CHF3 all with Windows Server 2012 (not R2).  We are running Archiving on 8 Exchange 2010 SP3 Mailbox servers and Journaling 1 Exchange 2010 SP3 mailbox server.  Two of the EV servers ar...

se1v1en by Level 1
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DTrace documentation

Hi all, Is there any DTrace documentation that help me throubleshooting logs better ? I want to dig deeper what can be suspicious, what is definitely wrong ,but I am unable to find any documentation. Any replies would be highly appreciated. 

jdsbate by Not applicable
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Resolved! SetEVExchangePermissions for Single Server

I'm trying to assign EV Exchange Permission on Single server with below format for Pilot. Please help me whether it will assign permission only on that server or it will assign permission on all the exchange servers in my environment. SetEVExchange...

Resolved! Categories with Retention

Want to know how others handle their categories? I have 13 depts that want their own categories and retention set up, what is the general standard? Any suggestions of what to do or not to do? Examples: Contracts-11 years, Correspondence-5 years, Repo...

njcollier by Not applicable
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Resolved! Issue with attachment and html image after archiving

Hi, We have implemented EV 11.0.1 on windows server 2008 R2 SP1 Enterprise. Exchange server version: 2010 SP3 We have enabled mailboxes for archiving. End user outlook version is either 2007 SP3 or 2010. Kindly find the details of the Client iss...

Vipul_Desai by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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Unable to open archived items in a shared mailbox.

Dear Experts, a Weird problem: I can open archived items in a number of shared mailboxes without any trouble at all. However in one shared mailbox, the following process occurs. I click on the item shortcut, this is followed by a dialogue box with...

[Theoretical] Restore database from one week old backup

Hi guys, i have a theoretical question regarding Restore/Recovery. How to deal with a problem if you have a disaster, and you only have a database backup that is a week old. The files on filesystem remain intact. When you restore what happens with ...

Pixa by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! EV | Powershell | Enable Mailboxes for Archiving | How to?

Hi I would like to automate this procedure using Powershell. Do you have an example of a Powershell script which can be used? When I manually enable the mailboxes for archive all I do is use the "Enable mailboxes for Archiving" > List all availabl...

The Collector Manager encountered an error

Hello, Getting below error from last 3 days, This error comes just after Indexes set as backmode. Log Name:      Symantec Enterprise Vault Source:        Enterprise Vault Event ID:      6848 Task Category: Storage File Watch Level:         Err...

Enabling Virtual Vault using registry values

Hello, I work in an environment with 5000+ computers. We are doing a rollout of Windows 7 using SCCM2012 and Outlook with the Vault add-in. When doing this, the Virtual Vault most of the time is not visible in the Outlook navigation pane. What ...

Resolved! Shopping Baskets and Vault Cache

Hi, Just looking for any information on the benefit of using the Shopping Basket when users have the vault cache? As far as I can tell the restore functionality doesn't work, no shortcuts? Only benefit I can think of, in a Vault Cache situation, i...

Elio_C by Level 6
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Enterprise Vault Suddenly Stops Working

We just migrated from Windows 2008 EV9 to Windows 2012 EV10. Everything was working fine for several weeks. Suddenly, we are getting calls that users cannot retrieved archived emails. We resolve this by either restarting the EVault Admin Service or r...

Resolved! EV10 Client Error

hello, running ev 8 sp5.. yes i know its old, we are working on it.. please see the attached error, getting this in on the client side. server: ev8 sp5 client ev10 i have followed all the articles to solve it but the error comes and goes. https...