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Vault store partition for a selected group of users

Level 3

Hi Everybody,

is there a way to use a Vault partition or partition group to store data only for a specified group of people ?

for example, let's say you have vault store group 1 and group2

on vsg 1 mail of sales on vsg2 mail of logistics


Is this possibile ?






Level 6


The answer is basically yes, but how you go about doing it is going to depend on what you mean by your terminology. You speak of a "Vault partition" and a "partition group" and then later you speak of a "vault store group."

I'm not doing this just to be pedantic; the terminology here is actually very important.

If you want to put different groups of users into different Vault Stores, then you do this at the Provisioning Group level. Let's say you have an AD Security Group called AdSecGroup1, and you want all of the archives for the users in this group to belong to Vault Store A. You would create a new Provisioning Group, set its target as AdSecGroup1 on the Targets tab, and set its Vault Store as Vault Store A on the Archiving Defaults tab ("Override the inherited Vault Store"). Then when you enable the users, their archives will be created in Vault Store A. Repeat with different target groups and different Vault Stores as you wish.

If you want to put different groups of users into different Vault Store Groups, then the procedure is basically the same as above. You still choose a Vault Store on the Archiving Defaults tab; you just need to make sure you select a Vault Store in the particular Vault Store Group you want.

If you want to have the items for different users stored on different partitions within a Vault Store, then you need EV 12.3, which introduces Smart Partitions, and you need a license for the Classification feature. Items can be classified as they are archived and the results of the classification can dictate on which partition the items get stored. Here is the section of the 12.3 manual on Smart Partitions.


I hope that one of those is the answer you seek.



Hi Chris,

you are right, terms are important, sorry for the mismatch.


Anyway your answer is what I need.

Many Thanks