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Virtual Vault - Central Monitoring!

Level 3

Is it possible to have a centrally monitor the status of Virtual Vault sync for all users?

Per VV Best Practices document below, Appendix E IIS Log Diagnostics:

Statistic and diagnostic information regarding end-users‘ vault caches and virtual vaults can be obtained from Enterprise Vault server IIS logs. A string of information is appended to IIS requests made to /EnterpriseVault/slot.aspx after each synchronization has finished.”

Essentially there is no ready-made tool - Symantec support recommends to look into the IIS logs of EV server.

Has anyone come up with innovative idea or script or something that we can use to report which users are failing to sync?

Thanks in advance!!





Level 5

Monitor for ASP.Net event log entries - especially timeouts (VV can have problems with large messages where the conversion takes longer than the VV sync timeout)


But yes, not easy to monitor all your EV server IIS logs when you've no guidance on what to pick out....  We've had a lot of VV sync issues where no errors are reported either on the server or client.  Sync says successful, but messages are missing.  A reset fixes...

Level 6

At the moment there is no Symantec productised central monitoring.  You should contact Product Management and or post to the ideas section on the forums, so that these sort of requests can be reviewed.

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