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Resolved! EV10 query to find items older than.

Hello all, We have a retention category for mail-archived items which is 'keep forever'. There is a discussion going on internally to use Expiry, but the time-frame is not known yet. Discussions are everything older than 3 years, or maybe 5 or 7. I...

GertjanA by Level 6
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Resolved! EV and Outlook color categories

I support Enterprise Vault for a large organization. One user has logged an incident stating that EV (10.0.4) is clearing the Outlook (2007) color categories on emails when they get archived. Is this the normal functionality or is there any way to ...

markadel by Level 2
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Resolved! Honest answer to Enterprise Vault/CA-DA licensing question

I cannot get a direct answer to my questions from our Symantec Licensing Specialist, so I am asking the question here.  We are on Enterprise Vault 11. We no longer use Enterprise Virtual Vault/Vault Cache.  We only use Enterprise Vault so we can arc...

EV 10 External URL for Outlook Web Access

Hi, I'm curious as to where enterprise vault gets it's server url for external access from. It appears that the server name appears as <server name>.<doaim>.ad.local rather than <Server name>.<domain> This causes an issue for us when delploy...

Journaling Issue

Hello   I have an issue where my colleague created a new Stroage group and instead of pointing this to the jounral mailbox for that server he has pointed it to the mailbox we use as the system mailbox (we tend to think of it as the Archive box) un...

Resolved! Vault Store Partition in Enterprise Vault

Hello Our "opened" File Vault Store resides on a NTFS volume circa 2TB, currently it has circa 70gb free Using the article TECH48970 I am able to create a new Vault Store Partition, however can someone explain how the currently archived files can b...

Enterprise Vault Directory Database Move.

Hi All, Current enviroment. 2 EV Server and 2 SQL server. and 3 file servers. EVserver1 & Evserver2 & SQLSRV1 & SQLSRV2. Directory Databases resides on SQLSRV1 for both EV servers. need to move Directory database from SQLSRV1 to SQLSRV2. Also wi...

Resolved! Files not being Collected

Hi, I've recently realised that everytime a collection runs for a particular vault store partition, in the end it always states that "Some files were not collected because they have not been backed up." This has been happening for quite some time n...

DSilva by Level 3
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Resolved! Archive Explorer Audit or Usage reporting

All, We are working on finally determining the appropriate expiry time frame. We currently archive all emails after 1 year and leave no stubs\shortcuts.   Are there any audit capabilities or usage reports to determine how often users are actually re...

pjglick by Level 4
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Resolved! Trialware activation file

Trialware Activation file(s) NOT attached to trialware email I downloaded evault 11.0 and got email Thank you for taking the time to evaluate Enterprise Vault. Get started, get help and purchase information is included in this e-mail. Get Started ...

Resolved! Moving EV Databases to New MS SQL Servers

Hi.  I am using TECH35744 as a guide for moving the EV databases.  Step 5E reads that the System DSN for the audit database on each EV computer should be updated to reflect the new SQL Server.  Is this a necessary step?  Right now none of the EV comp...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault 11 Licensing Guide

Hi Partners, Please help. From what I heard from our sales team, old Enterprise Vault 11 SKUs had been discontinued. Can you please show me link on where I can download new EV11 Licensing Guide? From Symantec Partnernet I happened to locate old Lic...

Resolved! Enterprise vault

Hi, I am planning to setup a EV server. Below is my set up details Having exchange server CAS + MBX at DC banglore location users on MBX 883 Connectivity between DC and DR is 12 MBPS. Planning to Setup EV In DR site   Is it feasible to setup ...

EV Site Migration to New Site.

Hi All,   Below are my Details and scenario. Current Environment. 1)Windows 2008 Server 2)SQL 2008 R2 3)EV 10.4 1 EV server archiving 3 file server. i need to move 1 file server archive data to different site. Also my SQL and EV server will b...

Resolved! EMC Centera - what next?

Hi all, While researching for my upgrade from EV10 to EV11, I came across the following in the QuadroTech website: "During the early years of Enterprise Vault EMC’s Centera platform was the platform of choice for many organizations however it is no...

Fiona by Level 4
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