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Checking any data miss on EV8

Hi   Our EV server harddisk have corruption (The EV server, not SQL). After running windows scan disk and fixed, it report some files may be lost or removed. How can I know the EV files status? Any tools can check on this?   Thanks

Resolved! Symantec Enterprise Vault Deployment

I plan to deploy Symantec Enterprise Vault 11 in a company a company with two subsidiaries, one is in country-A and the other in country-B. So how symantec Enterprise Vault can meet this scope of work?   Provide a holistic and detailed design indi...

Adama_T by Level 3
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Resolved! No Option to Delete Archived Items in Search Window

Hi all - I have an issue where I cannot see the option to delete archived items directly from the vault using EV Search. EV version = I can delete archived items from my Virtual Vault fine - deleting the items in the VV moves them to th...

Resolved! EVault 11.0 Virtual Vault never show content

I;m in the beginning of migration to EVault 11.0 and Virtual Vault configured with "Never show content" for Show Content in Reading Pane in Desktop policy. What I found that on two different PCs I get different results for the same user in Outlook 20...

yxm by Level 4
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Resolved! EV 11 RPC over HTTP/s? Securing communication

Hello, I have a EV11 server. I have a firewall rule to allow both HTTP and HTTPS traffic to it from WAN. When I have HTTP enabled EV is able to pull archived items fine without issue outside my network. However I would rather use HTTPs since its mor...

Resolved! EV10 move index for 1 archive

Hello all, I've tried moving an index for 1 archive using the wizard. This failed with an error that the source is not in the same indexing server group. I am not using index-servergroups... all are in 'ungrouped' Strange. The update of the index...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Recovering vaulted emails

We have a group of users that have saved emails directly to our file server. Some have been ordinary messages, others have been archived by Enterprise Vault   When users are trying to open the archived messages they do not have access to the vault...

Kratos31 by Not applicable
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Reporting on items within users archives

We are looking into finally configuring expiry.  Is there a report I can run against users of a specific retention category that I can see what would be eligible for expiry based on values entered into retention category.  I owuld be interested in se...

pjglick by Level 4
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Resolved! Outlook 2010 Vault cache synchronization failed

Hi all,   I am meeting some issue with an user synchronization. I have an user who lose his laptop where configured the vault cache. So now I configured his outlook's profile another laptop and everything (shortcut, archiving, ...) works well. B...

Adama_T by Level 3
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Resolved! EV 11 Active/Active

Hi I want to implementing Enterprise vault 11 active /active between Head office and DR site what is the steps ??

Yassora by Level 3
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SCOM 2012 EV 10 Monitoring, no Task status

Hi, I have added my EV10 servers to SCOM but can't get the "Tasks" monitored, see screen below. I have followed the Administration Guide for SCOM setup, the RunAs account is configured as described and is a member of the Monitoring Application ro...

Elio_C by Level 6
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