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Resolved! Microsoft Visual Studio needed for EV?

Hi all, I have the following program installed in my EV SQL server: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Premier Partner Edition – ENU I'm not sure if I need it in order for EV to work properly or not. I have never open it. Can I uninstall it? Thanks in ...

Enterprise Vault placeholder recall not working

Hi,  first a little description about our environment: 1) EV version 1.0.4 HF3 running on Windows Server 2012 R2 2) EV is being used to archive files on 4 node Windows Server 2012 file cluster When trying to do a bulk recall od placeholders (we h...

Bothari by Level 3
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Resolved! Enterprise vault licensing...!

Hi, Please answer to below query, What constitutes a licensed user for EV? Previously I was told if a mailbox was still in exchange it requires a license, when it is cleaned up in Exchange the data is still held in the vault but no licenses are req...

_Shk_ by Level 4
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Search Page on EV11 has missing file type icons

Hello, I have a customer who is worried about file type icons missing on the search page. He has several PDF, MPP, VSD files that have a blank white page icon.  Has anyone encountered this issue? Possible that it's security issue on the files, or a...

TheKremlin by Level 3
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault 7133 event log messages

  We are seeing Event ID 7133 = "Some files were not collected because they have not been backed up. " for a Closed partition - I am trying to 100% clear on what is happening - hence posting "my theory" for validating or dismissing. We are backin...

6651 Storage Deletion Server has failed

Hi,   Getting the following events : 6651 Storage Deletion Server has failed and 13410. looked at the following: ran the following: select r.VaultEntr...

Resolved! SQL Query

Hi I am looking for a SQL query which can display the date and timing of retention files in the vault (For the list of vault). We are using EV- 10.0.4. By this I want to see whether we have latest transcript files or not.

Resolved! How to open a Enterprise Vault Archive in Outlook 2007

Hi there. I've been given my PST file by the admin in a file that has the extension .VaultedandScrambledPSTFile and Outlook will not open the file.  Is there a method that I can use (without bothering the exchange administrator) to extract my PST fi...

ak2766 by Level 2
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Resolved! Changing Enterprise Vault Disk Drive

Hello, I have Symantec Enterprise Vault version 11. running on a VM and subsequant MS SQL Server on saperate VM. Both VMs have 2 hard disks, each hard disk allocated from different LUN. Once disk for OS and the other for Data. Enterprise Vault keep...

Future Challenges for Retention Management

I hope 2015 has got off to a good start for you, obviously it did for us since we got 11.0.1 released on the first week of the year and you can find out more about it on this post. But with 11.0.1 completed, it means that our focus is now firmly on w...

Glenn_Martin by Level 6
Employee Accredited
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault and Riverbed Compatability

Is there any information out there on EV and Riverbed? This post alludes to an article, however the link to the article is now longer valid. A little search across Symantec Connect didn't yield any results.

benorb by Level 3
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Resolved! Removing EV Server

Hello I'm removing an EV server as it is no longer needed. my set-up is as follows I have 3 EV mailbox and journal servers in the UK that all share a Vault storage Group (VSG1). and i have one in india this has it's own SQL and VSG(VSG2) and indexi...

Resolved! Event ID 6284

Hi, Looking for some feeling around the below error in my event logs. When Backup Mode is set I recieve many thousands of the below, individual unique events are repeated every 5 minutes until backup mode is removed. My colleagues are deleting f...

Elio_C by Level 6
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Outlook cache mode query

Hi there, I'm designing an EV 11 deployment with Exchange 2013, at muliple sites. My query is based on a remote site where Outlook cache mode is turned off and using roaming profiling. Will users at this site be affected in any way from a Vault ca...

ASG_Roger by Level 2
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Retention Settings

Hi everyone, I as of yesterday have been handed responsibility of the Enterprise Vault for my company. I have a little bit of experience with the product, but right just winging it until I full understand it. We of course have no documentation avail...

Resolved! archiving sessions on only one CAS Server

Hello all, these are some details about our environment: EV Version: Exchange Version: Exchange 2010 SP3 RU 7 2x CAS Servers 1x Netscaler as loadbalancer I have the following questions, may be someone can answer them: 1.We noticed ...

Changing Retention Category for archived messages

The majority of our users are in a single retention category (Retention still indefinite).  Management has finally decided to provide a timeframe for expiry.  Prior to this expiry we need to now move some users from our standard retention category to...

pjglick by Level 4
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