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Resolved! Vault drive setup, have a question on best practice.

So currently my vault has 12 drives, Vault 1-6 are 1.79TB, Vault 7-12 are 1TB. We use our Vault strictly for legal purposes, so frequently when someone's no longer involved in a litigation, we export your vault to your mailbox, and remove you from th...

tfoster by Level 4
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Resolved! Migrating all PSTs into one account

Hello All,   I am currently deploying an EV 10.0.4 solution for Exchange 2007 for arround 3500 maiboxes.   The customer requires to migrate all the PSTs in the Enterprise Vault stores. Due to the vast number of user mailboxes, it would be diffcul...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Maximum retension time?

Hi there We use Symantec Enterprise Vault and have been told that Enterprise Vault has a maximum retension period of 7 years before the product starts dropping archived email.  Is this correct?   Thanks

Corrie by Level 2
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Resolved! Partition Move to Cifs Shares

Hello We want to move our vault and journal partitions store on local disk  to cifs shares. We are running EV 9.0.4 on Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 on a virtual machine.  We have 1 EV server.  All mail is journaled.  The journaled mail is stored on l...

Resolved! Search Archives button in Firefox?

We upgraded to EV 11 and upgraded our CAS server with the OWA 2010 extensions.  We noticed that when a user has been upgraded to EVS in OWA in IE, there are still a "Archive Explorer" and a "Search Archives" buttons.  Should the "Archive Explorer" bu...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 with CHF2 wtih Exchange 2013 SP1

Dear All. We have exchange 2013 SP1 in DAG cluster and we are setting up new EV 10.0.4 with CHF2. When i try to run SetEVThrottlingPolicy.ps1 against new created vault service acount it always says sysntax error saying said user dont have a mailbox....

Resolved! EV11 Metadata Store Sizing

Hi all,   Is it a typo in the documentation when it talks about 'sizing' the Metadata Store for Search / Mail Connect?   It says: Typically the MDS cache will only take a short while to build, depending on the schedule of the Client Access Provi...

Resolved! Windows 2012 R2 support for EV

Hello Symantec support,   The EV compatibility chart dated May 2, 2014 appears to indicate that EV 10.0.4 is now supported for installation on the Windows 2012 R2 platform.  Can you confirm that this is correct ?     Thanks    

Sam_T by Level 3
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EV 9 to EV 10 migration plan

Hi All, Can someone please review my plan below to migrate the existing old EV 9 server into new EV 10 server ? This is the high level plan whch I have on top of my mind at the moment. My plan is to do the following migration steps to cutover the ...

Resolved! Vault folder permissions disappear

Hi, We face at least twice a week with the following problem: Vault folder permissions sometimes disappear after running the scheduled archiving task. Only the mailbox full access permissions can be found in the Permission Browser, the Outlook del...

TS_NG by Level 3
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Resolved! NetApp EV partition configuration

Hi Forum   Client Configuration: The partitions have been configured as Network Share in Device Type (although its actually a NetApp) NetApp is configured for Dedup and compression. At the partition level - Device performs deduplication – untick...

superduper by Level 4
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