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Resolved! Moving Email Between Mailboxes

I believe I have the answer for this, but looking for verification and\or documented proof for the following scenarios; First scenario; A journaled user has access to a shared mailbox as a secondary account within Outlook. The user takes an email f...

Resolved! EV9.04 upgrade to EV10 SP4 on Windows 2012.

Hi I have tried at least twice to try and upgrade our physical EV9.04 Windows 2003 installation to EV10.04 on Windows 2012.   I have followed the "Migrating Enterprise Vault to 64bit hardware v9.0" document and "Upgrading to Enterprise Vault v10.0...

nickt2 by Level 4
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Resolved! Archive move from EV 10.0.1 to 10.0.4

HI All, Just a quick question. Is it possible to move archives from a EV 10.0.1 enviroment to a 10.0.4 enviroment or does it have to be the same version of EV?   Thanks      

Rdosramos by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Can you re-migrate a PST file?

We've migrated a user's PST file but now we're considering changing the message classes we enable for migration in our PST Migration policy, which means we would want to rerun the migration against the same PST file.  We removed the read only and hi...

Resolved! Some emails are not being archived

I'm working with a customer who has copied emails from a PST into his inbox.  Those emails are not being archived, and we can't figure out why not. The policy is set to archive items at 0 days, with no large items setting configured and no "do not a...

SHI-CRO by Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Archived mails not deleting from inbox

Environment:  Win7 Client / Evault 10.0.1316 / Win Server 2008 R2   We have a single user out of hundreds (that we've found, anyway), whose mail isn't being moved into the vault. Our rules are set up to archive mail after 90 days, and to remove fr...

Archiving Tasks crashing or not completing

Hi all, I have noticed that a lot of EV enabled mailboxes haven't been archived recently and the archive task logs aren't running for very long. Noticed this by looking the logs for each archive task and find the last timed entry is about an hour af...

ric_p by Level 2
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Resolved! After retrieving a placeholder, the file is blocked

We encountered the following problem with FSA EV 8.0 SP3:  - A user retrieves an excel placeholder. The user close the file once opened.  - The placeholder is missing and now we have the original xls. All ok. - Now, If the user try to rename or de...

CXITC by Level 2
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Resolved! Client side PST ingestion

Hi there, I'm doing some testing on PST ingestion using the client driven method and have come across a problem. We have mainly thin clients with users having their PST files either on a home drive or share drive. The plan was to use client driven ...

benjus10 by Level 3
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Resolved! PST importing issues

Dear All, We are getting following error in event while importing PST. PST size is 22.4 GB.   Error: PST Migration Report Migration status: Incomplete Processing aborted. The mailbox does not have enough space to complete the PST migratio...

MontoN by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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FSA placeholder migration mess

Hello EV World, I have an interesting one here and trying to see what option might be the best. We had a Windows file server migrating to a new filer so obviously backup and restore was not an option so we migrated the placeholders and after that th...

Vikes_2 by Level 6
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