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Resolved! EV - writing to Centera across WAN

Hi Environment is EV9.0.2 I am interested in whether it's feasible to write to a Centera across a WAN. e.g. Let's say I have an EV site in location A. Centera is located thousands of miles away, in location B. Lots of bandwidth, latency approx 200 ms...

goatboy by Level 6
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault license

Hi Folks, I'm planning to upgrade my Enterprise Vault 9.0.3 to 10.0.3 in coming days. Our support is expiered but renewal is in process. i hope i'll get it soon. Just want to know do we required any new licenses while upgrading to version 10.0.3. i h...

Resolved! Duplicate Mail Items after Ingestion

Hi all - another easy question I hope   Basically, migrating from Notes to Exchange and exporting Notes archives to PST files, then using EVPM to ingest that data into EV. A few users reported some missing data in EV. So we re-exported the Notes arch...

Resolved! Consolidating Directories

I've got a customer here that has an EV for Exchange Directory and an EV for FSA.  There is no business reason to have them separated so i want to suggest moving the FSA archives into their EV for Exchange directory.  Can it be done?  I suspect move ...

Yogibara by Level 3
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Resolved! Archive Japanese language emails.

We have Enterprise Vault 9.0 installed in our environment with Exchange 2007. We have an email users that receives and sends both English and Japanese emails. Is there any confgiuration change that we need to make in order to migrate her smoothly?

Resolved! EVPM import PST assistance

Looking for some assistance in doing PST imports using EVPM.  Messages are imported to the archive but shortcut creations are failing. Environment: Vault 10.0.2 - single server Exchange 2010 - 2 CAS servers, 2 MB servers with a DAG.  3 DB's on each M...

mmsupport by Not applicable
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Resolved! View EV domino data without EVDG or Notes?

Hi everybody, besides official support, I am looking for a way to just display Domino journaled data without actually having an EVDG or Notes in place? A customer migrated from Domino to Exchange. They journaled Domino data in the past and have now a...

Peable by Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Manually copy EV Vault Store files into USB HDD

Hi All, In order to perform simple backup, I'm trying to perform Windows Explorer copy of the EV Vault Store partition content and also the indexer into USB Hard Drive, rather than using the long process of the backup software (which includes Pre and...

Resolved! evpm import empties/clears mail from PST

Hi Experts New to using EV here, and I'm hoping this is a straight forward q and a. Running EV 10 and importing PST via EVPM command.  After importing the data to EV we've noticed that the PST files are either partially empty, or mostly empty. So par...

Unable to open Archived attachment

Dear All, I have Evault 10 with exchange 2007 CCR. I am not able to open archive attachment from OWA. In outlook it works fine. Please suggest   Thanks Mazhar Khan

Mmkhan by Level 3
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Resolved! Archive explorer

Dear All, I am having Evault 9.0.2. I was running with Exchange 2007 CCR. We migrated to Exchange 2010 with DAG and CAS, HUB with windows NLB. Issue: When we open Archive Explorer and Search archive with OWA from WIFI or outside the network it failed...

Mmkhan by Level 3
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Intermittent archived item retrieval failure

Hi,   Have an intermittent issue that seems to be occuring a few times a week, no services stop, but a  restart of the services or server gets things running. Seems to be 3 Enterprise Vault events (all with a Task Category of Web Application WP) on t...

Francis-T by Level 4
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Resolved! Custom Partition Report for Vault 10.x for Exchange

Hello Everyone, Been trying to get a solution through writing SQL query but it just isn't quite meeting my expectations.  I want a report that shows the size taken on the disk per partition. I have tried 2 methods so far and neither one give me corre...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Reference Demo - End User Search

We are looking at deploying EV but want to actually see the product in action before purchasing.  Our primary area of focus is end user search.  Currently we have many of our 2,000+ users running a local X1 client (off .pst files), and we need to get...

Resolved! EV will increase Outlook OST size ???

  Hi All,     We are using EV 9.0 and currently we are facing some issues with outlook. All our Exchange users enable with EV Archive and all the users are using outlook 2010 SP1 with caching mode.  I verified users OST file and it’s compare to excha...

Resolved! Acrobat X Protected Mode - FSA Access Denied Error

Hi,   We know that Acrobat X Protected Mode causes FSA Access Denied Error. However Customer is not willing to Disable protected mode for security reasons.   One alternative way to Protected Mode is to Whitelist ....but these are the properties that ...

ia01 by Level 6
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Resolved! EV SQL Server Port numbers

We are on EV 10.0.3 and have Exchange mailbox, FSA and Sharepoint archiving components enabled with remote SQL server (consolidated server). our DBA team are planning to change the ports from dynamic to Fixed ports. I remember when you install EV and...

EVRocks by Level 5
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