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Some folders remains empty in archive explorer

Previous week i have archived some folders with Enterprise Vault File archving. This folders have placeholders now, and when i want to open one of the placeholders the file opens correctly. When i start the archive Explorer, i can see the archive and...

Resolved! Change VSA password in Veritas Cluster?

Hi, I know the following article BUT... how do I do it in a Veritas cluster mode? I have 7 active nodes out of 15 EV servers in general...   when I change the password from the ...


Hello together, got a question about EV on WAN. Fist, let me describe our environement. We are running EV10 on a central location. Means we have one EV server containing everything on it except the SQL DBs.We have europeanwide a couple of remote offi...

Resolved! Exchange 2010 with DAG EV9.04

Here something strange. Seems all working, but I have an alert on the EV console. " It is more than 7 days since Enterprise Vault found items to archive from any mailboxes on Exchange Server 'EXCHANGE'. Last archive submission: 1/16/2013 10:...

Resolved! FSA agent upgrade to EV 10.0.2

Hi there, I've upgraded a customer site to EV 10.0.2 (from 9.0.2), all upgrade has been successful, with exception of the FSA agent on two file clusters Cluster configuration: OS: Windows 2008 R2Windows Failover clusterCluster configuration: active-p...

AndresMunoz by Level 5
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Citrix - Outlook Not Exiting

Hi, I am running Citrix XenApp 6.0 on Windows 2008R2 Servers.  I have Outlook 2010 installed on the Citrix servers and am publishing Outlook.  I have the Symantec Enterprise Vault HTP-only Outlook Add-In Version 9.0.1342 installed.  I have conquered ...

Resolved! Reverse shortcut processing?

Hi,          Is there a way to have EV reconcile existing shortcuts in outlook, and then delete items in the vault archive that DO NOT have stubs?  (Ideally on a user by user basis?)  TIA for any ideas.

Resolved! Sizing for Index storage

Sizing for Enterprise Vault is confusing as it almost impossible to get accurate sizing for our environment. I’m confused on how much we should have for the Indexing.  I know, we can always add more SAN LUNs to the server later in the future.  As for...

jdewing by Level 4
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Resolved! Exchange Mailbox Archive manually deleted

Hi all, it's not a issu, it's a question. During some of my test, I manually delete an test archive on the "exchange mailbox" tab. the warning was "deleting an archive permanently removes the archive adn all items stored in it. This action will overr...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault (10.0.2) - Synchronization failed

Hi Guys ,    I'm trying to solve an issue i've encountered with for couple of days now without success.  When trying to sync one of our users vault's (outlook 2010 x64) I've encountered with the following error message in the middle of the procces "F...

Shlomi by Level 3
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Resolved! Archive Explorer not showing all items

Hi,   We are running EV2007 SP6 for Exchange 2003...we're having an issue for one user where they are unable to items in Archive Explorer.  The folder in Outlook contains emails including shortcuts.  When we look at the same folder in Archive Explore...