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Resolved! Many events with ID 8453, 6469 and 13360 on EV 9.0.4

Hello fellows, I have an iteresting problem with our EV 9.0.4 - tons of the events above appear every minute. I've red through the KBs and found several possible solutions for such errors - SQL coallition issue, SQL DB compatibility issues and the mo...

Resolved! EV Data move

Hi, I have to move all EV data, to new server and new storage. (IBM xiv to Netapp) I couldnt use storage move or replication. Netbackup restore is too too slow. I have 5.5 TB Data have can i carry my data more efficiently? do you have any experience?...

K_G by Level 6
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Enterprise Vault, User's mailbox not manually archiving

We are currently using EV 8.04 SP4. We have a user whose policy is to keep 30% of their mailbox free. When the archiving task runs on schedule no emails are archived. user can still manually archive. I have zapped the mailbox, disabled and enabled fo...

JMCBH by Level 3
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Resolved! Problems with centera, temporary archive to NTFS

Hi experts, i would like your opinion about my problem and temporary solution. We have some major problems with centera in our organization, one cantera completely failed, and now the storage guys are trying to replicate all content from valid one to...

Pixa by Level 4
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Resolved! EV MS Outlook Profiles

Hello all ,   I have a question. As you can see from screenshot , ms outlook application (installed on ev server) has a weird profile that i have not created. Is it normal or what is wrong ?   Thank you   reagrds.

Baris_A by Level 4
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Resolved! Archive Search has no results in Outlook

Hi, I have a customer that uses SEV with client version 9.0.13509. Some users complain that when they perform an Outlook (2010) search, even with the Virtual Vault selected, they do not get a result. Other users have search results, incl. items that ...

Resolved! EV Outlook Add-In 10.0.2/10.0.1

Hi everybody, I'm trying to install Outlook Add-In on a PC running Windows 7 + Office 2010 and I'm getting the following error: "Outlook 2010 or later is installed on this coputer. You must install the Enterprise Vault Http-Only Outlook Add-in". Then...

Resolved! MbxArchivingState and MbxExchangeState not updated

  I want to search for archives that belong to deleted mailboxes. According to various other threads these archives should have MbxExchangeState = 2 in ExchangeMailboxEntry. However, this is not the case in my system. There are few correct entries, b...

Resolved! Deployment Scanner Summary Tool

Hi All, Does any one know where i can get this the Deployment Scanner Summary Tool I tried the following link but the pag cannot be displayed. Thanks    

Tmarques by Level 4
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Resolved! filtering for Journal Archiving

Hi everyone, I did some checking and found that our SCOM server generates so much mail that it's probably worse than any spam. Obviously it gets archived as it passes through the journaling mail box and ultimately ends up in the Journal Archive. It a...

Igs by Level 3
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Resolved! Vault Cache download policy

Hi all, I've been reading several docs about vault cache, but I could not find one explaining what happens when vault cache is full. Which is the followed policy for filling the vault cache? I supose that newest items are downloaded first, but I woul...

Rukkot by Level 3
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Client-Driven PST Migration problems Error 0x80004005

Hi, EV 9.02. I'm currently working to migrate a number of PST files using Client-Diven migration, for the most part this is working quite well however I've hit a problem with a number of PST whereby the console on the EV server reports "Migration fai...

Resolved! FSA Archive Point for User's share

  Hi, What is the differrence between if we create archive points using differrent options below? What is the recommended for user's share? If we create archive points for root of the user's share will all users will have access to everyone's folders...

ia01 by Level 6
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Resolved! Old enterprise Vault install

Hi, a few years back we had enterprise vault archiving our old emails, the license ran out and we swapped over to the exchange 2010 built in archiving solution. i now have emails in user outlooks that are archived using enterprise vault that they can...

Storage service Stop when export PST

Hi We are trying to restore a user’s data (vault) which we had deleted 1 year back We had a complete backup of EV Partition, SQL databases and Indexing Setup details when data deleted was as follows EV 9.0.3 SQL 2005 -SP3   To restore the data we hav...

mayu by Level 4
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Resolved! Question around IndexCommited

Hi All I have a customer on EV 10 sp2 and we are seeing some strange behavior around the Indexing The users are not seeing consistent Indexes in AE and search. I can see  in the JournalArchive table  the IndexCommited column that there are thousands ...

Messages not being archived from the journal mailbox

Hello   I had a journal mailbox that for some reason stopped archiving for a period of time. Then for some equally strange reason it started archivng again but there are 40000 odd messages that will not archive. A new journal mailbox was created as w...

AlanJ by Level 4
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Resolved! Site properties. "Use HTTPS on the SSL port" has an URL

Hi I recently started working with the Enterprise Vault at the company where I work and I've noticed a few things that I currenly do not understand. Under Site properties I can not do any changes because the "Use HTTPS on the SSL port" has an URL in ...

Resolved! How to delete items from users archive?

Hi I have been trying to find a solution to delete items from users archives, especially their "Deleted items" folder. 1/3 of our archives email is deleted items and I want to clean up the archives. Can not seem to find anywhere in the Administration...