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Resolved! Server 2008 SP2 - EV 10.0.1 compatibility

Hi all, Compatibility Charts Document says that Windows Server 2008 is no longer compatible with EV (10.0.1), even the 64 bits version isn't. Only the R2 version does. I have EV 9.0.1 running on Windows Server 2008 SP2 and I would like to migrate to ...

Mailbox Analysis Tool

All, When I used to admin the Symantec Enterprise Vault environment, I had the need to analyse users mailboxes to determine why things where not being archived ect, ect. Someone “thanks Karl” wrote me a small command line tool that allowed me to do t...

Wayne_Humphrey by Level 6
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Resolved! SQL 2008 Compatibility

Hello to all, In Compatibility Charts Document, says that SQL server 2008 (x32 I supose) is not supported in EV 10.0 or 10.0.1. But SQL 2005 yes...  I have a customer with a EV 10.0 that have de DB's in a SQL server 2008 RTM 32 bits, and they want up...

AG81 by Level 5
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Resolved! Question about inaccessible EV Site

Hi All I have an interesting scenario, I have a customer on EV 9.0 sp2   They have a user who just joined them who bought with him a PST from his old company. In the PST are the users email data and also EV Shortcuts from his previous company that al...

Resolved! Vault Virus Alert

I am on EV 10.0 and I just received a virus alert stating that Risk name: Trojan.Smoaler > File path: l:\Enterprise Vault Stores\ExchMVS01> Ptn1\2012\04-16\A\101\A202D8E3DA4654B6A9AC0CC488A7CB41~37~1FBFE897~00~ > 1.DVSSP>>TICKET_Delta Air_Lines.exe E...

Resolved! Extended File Information (EXIF) on placeholders

Hi!   Our marketing has a huge collection of photos (mainly JPEGs) and software which categorizes them. The categorization is made based on the extended file information (EXIF). When you look in the details-tab of such picture-files, you can see this...

Users unable to access their vaults

Hi all, I recently was involved in troubleshooting an access issue for a client. We managed to work out what was going on and I thought I'd share. Symptoms: Users were unable to access their vaulted items. If they attempted to do so, they would be pr...

Ben_Shorehill by Level 4
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Resolved! Disabling file collections to regain deduplication.

I recently enabled File Collections to increase backup performance. It worked very well. My backup time went from 5 hours to 1 and a half hours. However this disabled deduplication. I want to get deduplication back and can't disable File Collections....

Resolved! EV sizing tool

Hi All, I am new to this forum. I have used EMA 1.1.3 for collecting information for Exchange 2007 mailboxes. I got an xml file when the scanning of mailboxes was over. Now what should be the next step to estimate the storage size for the exchange se...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Customize shortcut Redirction

hi all, we are using Enterprise vault 9.0.1 installed on windows 2008 R2, i configured customize shortcut to "view orginal item" that has been archived items. when we click this hyper link it will rediect to  "" (local Dom...

mumair109917 by Level 6
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Resolved! Upgraded to 10.0.1 - Can't Start Indexing Service

I've just upgraded to 10.0.1 to try and sort a problem with our Admin service taking a long time to start. the upgrade completed succesfully and the database upgraded without a problem.   However I can't start the Indexing service - I recieve the fol...

Marcrp by Level 5
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Resolved! Copy Evault files from old location to new location

We have Enterprise Vault 9.0 and we are moving it's data from one data domain disk appliance to another data domain disk appliance. My question, to minimuze downtime, what is the best way to copy the files over?  I have used Robocopy in the past, but...

Kwinter by Level 5
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Resolved! EV 9 and Domino Archiving

Hi all ..  I have some questions on EV and Notes / Domino archiving ..   At present, it refers to a test environment with a small number of users ..   EV is set up slightly wrong and the use...

BoTho by Level 5
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Resolved! New MAC OSX ver 10.6.9 computers cannot unarchive jpegs.

We have been using Ent Vault for about 3 years now.  We are on version 9.02 currently. We have a Windows file server that is set to have all its jpegs archived into our Ent Vault. Since we updated our MAC users to OSX ver. 10.6.8 they have not been a...

Rgarner by Level 3
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SQL Server Compatibility

Hello,   I need to know what SQL Server DB versions are compatible with Symantec Enterprise Vault Version 8SP2?  Thanks

angiew by Not applicable
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