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Resolved! EV, single instancing, sharing and retention

Hi,assume that i have two vault stores with partitions in it. One store contains a partition on NetApp with Snaplock (name it SnaplockPartition) and the other store contains a partition without Snaplock activated (name it  RegularPartition).Both Vaul...

Jakob by Level 5
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EV Locator Task Path does not exist

Hello together,a customer is facing a strange behaviour. In Locator Task settings he includes search paths. (H:\PST_Userfiles_MIGRATION)After the processing the PSTLocTask report and dtrace are showing the following:Search behavior for computer Compu...

EV 12.3 released

FYI Enterprise Vault 12.3 is released today! This version has some great additional features. Some are: SMTP User Provisioning, SMTP Scale-Out more simple, Priveledged delete in DA (to be able to comply to some GDPR definitions), classification defin...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Enterprise Vault Restore Issues

Have a very strange problem regarding EV v11.0.0.1470.My task is to restore all archived EV data to a new share. I am running the following FSAUtility commands:FSAUTILITY -t -s "\\oldserver\share" -d "\\newserver\share" -l 0 FSAUtility runs and resto...

Resolved! SQL Database Migration

We will be migrating SQL databases to a new server as per: The migration will be done in batches of 3-4 databases per day.My question is do we need to stop the services or just putting the v...

unable to install Veritas Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-in

On attempting to install ANY version of the add-in, from v10.0 to v12.2, the MSI installer log always shows the following:"Version of the product detected. Upgrade from existing version to version XX.X.X.XXXX of the product is not supported."I have r...

patman by Level 3
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Resolved! Scanner Result is different

Hi, Currently i tried to fresh install EV 12, in deployment scanner i have exchange permission error but i still continue until second deployment scanner appear that i have error with SQL reporting services and version. I already double check that sq...

MSI_iqbal by Level 5
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single file server targeting two EV server

Dear Team,We are going to deploy Enterprise Vault servers for our below setup need your guidanceWe have two sites Mumbai and PuneBoth sites are in same active directory domainTwo NetApp storage for each site -File serversOne DFS jump host has been co...

mbm1 by Level 2
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Enterprise Vault-

Dear Team, We are going to deploy Enterprise Vault servers for our below setup need your guidence We have two sites Mumbai and Pune Both sites are in same active directory domain Two netapp storage for each site -File servers One DFS jumphost has bee...

mbm1 by Level 2
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault - System Volume Information

On the same drive that we have our vault store groups there is a hidden folder called System Volume Information. I am not sure if this is from netbackup or from evault it self. There is a new file created each day arround 4am when the backup is ran. ...

Resolved! User permission Role Base Access Control

Hi matei have question about RBAC, i have installed administration console on windows 7 and then want to remote to EV server, but after i want to expand the vault site, the console give me message, ensure that you have local administrator rights on t...


Resolved! Dell EMC ECS with EV and SIS storage with Streamer API devices

Hi all,With ECS as you may know the older model of 'device-level sharing' that used to be available on Centera is no longer exist. The device itself performs sort of compression before saving objects but it's not exactly a replacement.However, the EV...

Mouse by Moderator
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