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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Backup

Hi all,   I was wondering if anyone out there has had any success configuring Commvault to backup EV vault store partitions and flip the archive bits in the archived data.  I'm a newbie to EV administration and have had little training and trying to ...

Resolved! Outlook 2010 Add-In

I just had an issue with a client not being able to install the Outlook Add-In.  Their Outlook version was 14.0.5128.5000 where as a previous Outlook 2010 on another client machine was a slightly lower version (I assume a few Office updates less) and...

Resolved! Restore from Vault download response timeout

Hello, We've got an Enterprise Vault server 8.0 SP2 server running for Mailbox Archiving just for a mailbox and the 'Restore from Vault' button seems not to be working very fine from our Outlook 2003 client. If I double clic the item (quite sure it's...

Resolved! VC Root Folder and environment variable

Hello All, I have question regarding "Root folder search path" setting [OVRootDirectorySearchPath] and "Root Folder" setting [OVRootDirectory]: Does it support environment variable and in which format should it be configured?   Thanks

hkadoun by Level 4
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Resolved! Using Virtual Vault with Cached mode Disabled

Hello,   I have working with a customer that was interested in leveraging the use of Virtual vault for thier existing EV 9 enviornment.  They have a hard requirement that there is no email data residing on the endpoints, which is why I was playing ar...

MWallen by Level 3
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Moved item has been poison pilled...

Symantec Enterprise Vault 8.0 latest SP. One user is not archiving items to the vault. This user has two vaults - an older inactive vault and a new one. Manual ingestion reported this in a dtrace of the ArchiveTask 'message subject' this is a moved i...

DrewM by Level 2
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Archive explorer do not show all mails

When we try to open Archive Explorer from Microsoft Outlook in most cases we cannot see all archived mails. When we select Search button and go button we can see all mails. But my client demand to see all archived mails when he open Archive Explorer ...

Nick007 by Level 3
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master ev server used in shortcuts

Hi   We have 4 x EV9 servers. 2 are oldev9servers servers, target ex2003 and are slow. 2 target exchange 2010 and are much quicker (ev9newservers). After we move users from ex2003 to ex2010 they are picked up in a new provisioning group and archiving...

EVMan by Level 4
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Resolved! Turning off Auto-Enabler for a Public Folder

If I want to be able to assign a different retention policy to an public folder archive that has been created via auto-enabler is there any problem with changing the root public folder back to a standard target and then creating a new target for the ...

Importing Domino mail archives

We have EV7.5 for Exchange Due to acqusition/merger we have some new staff joining our company, who are coming from a Domino mail infrastucture, and have a requirement to bring with them email history. Our company previously used domino mail; all our...

pbix by Level 3
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Resolved! No EV options in context menu in OWA 2010

Hi, I have upgraded my evault servers to EV9.0.2 and configured them for our Exchange 2010 servers. In outlook 2007 all is working fine. I installed the OWA extension on the Exch 2010 Cas servers but I don't get any Evault options in the contect menu...

Mario_VU by Level 4
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Resolved! Need an explanation of what the local EV db's are?

I'd like an explanation of what the local EV db's are located here on c:\ drive,  ....\local settings\app data\kvs\enterprise vault\ecdf453dcfg....\     There are very large db's, in addition to xml and ini file. Do these db's need to be here, can th...

ap1111 by Level 2
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Resolved! EV8 sp2 + Exchange 2007 sp3

Hi, Is there any known issues with exchange sp3 and EV 8 sp2 version? I know that when I previously installed Exchange 2007 sp3 on our Exchange CAS servers access to vault using OWA was broken and I needed to apply a hotfix from Enterprise Vault also...

Celtic by Level 5
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