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Enterprise Vault Sync Fail Warning

We use enterprise vault version 8 SP4 and have had a few failures with people who are manually archiving their mails. They assume the daily sync is taking their mails to the server. This has been failing. They are then left with large numbers of mail...

Safety copy mechanism on EMC Data Domain Vault Store

Can anyone that is using EMC Data Domain for vault stores please provide detail of how they implement either removal of the archive bit or creating a trigger bit file. I'm struggling to work out how to do this with DD replication.

gmackinn by Level 4
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Error Adding a Volume FSA on EV 7.5

Hello everyone, I m just trying to add FSA volume in an EV 7.5 environement. We get systematically on every File servers (Cluster Conf MSCS with EV in cluster too) ths error An error occurred while listing policies. Check that the Vault Directory ...

Josserand by Level 4
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Resolved! Vault cache limits

Hi, I have one question about the vault cache, when checking the virtual cache setting in my outlook i have this option:   - Disk Usage This is the maximum size of your vault cache If space runs out, the oldest items in the vault cache are delete...

Bongo by Level 3
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Resolved! EV 9 - Exchange 2003, Failed to Open Distribution List

Hi,   Deployed EV 9.01, and have got an error that makes the journal task for exchange 2003 to fail with the following: Log Name:      Symantec Enterprise Vault Source:        Enterprise Vault  Date:          1/19/2011 3:15:17 PM Event ID:     ...

Resolved! EV 9.0.1 add-on for Outlook 2010 not displaying attachments

We are in the middle of PST Migration and migrating our workstations to Windows 7 and Office/Outlook 2010.  We use EV 8.0.4 and Exchange 2007 SP2.  For the old PCs with Office XP,  the EV add-on 8 for Outlook XP works fine.   For the new PCs with Win...

Error : RegisterContentClasses : KVS_EVCC_Item2003.reg registration failed, error: -2141913005 Object not found. No replica of the object can be found on this server. Replication not enabled for this folder or object has been replicated

trying to get EV owa extensions to work on a new 2003 backend server.  We can see the EV icons when you look at the mail through owa but do not see archive explorer etc on the toolbar.  I am getting this error in the .wsf logs.   : Error   : Register...

juggernaut1 by Level 5
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Resolved! The Enterprise Vault service is not available

EV 9.0 sp1 running on Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise.  We have 8 archiving servers and this issue is only happening on one of them. When opening up the /enterprisevault/search.asp page, we get the message "The Enterprise Vault service is not available". ...

SHI-CRO by Level 6
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Journal Archive NOT working - upgraded to 9.0.1

Good Afternoon Everyone - So..  Here is the situation..  A couple changes at once. :o(  Upgraded our 8.0.4 EV environment to 9.0.1 to be compatible with our MS Exchange 2010 environment.  For the life of me I cannot get the journal archiving to work ...

Denda by Level 5
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Resolved! Vault Cache missing from Windows Search

Windows Search has previously been indexing Vault Cache without any problem. One of our users reported that Vault Cache had disappeared from the list of indexed locations in Windows Search. Whilst investigating this issue, I managed to re-create the ...

Event ID 28940 Network Share

Hi All   Yesterday we setup Collection and Migrations and everything seemed fine until this morning when we started receiving the following event id:   Event Type:         Error Event Source:     Enterprise Vault Event Category: Storage Management Ev...

Resolved! Errors witha few users

Hi, Looking in the event viewer on Vault, I see lots of 3357 errors stating that a user is basically not being provisioned. I checked the provisioning logs and find this against one of the said users:   01:08:13 2 Americas Resources OU=Resources,DC=a...

Resolved! EVPM 8 RPC server unavailable error

Hello all, I'm trying to zap a mailbox. The zap.ini file is saved as a UNICODE file, and seems to be working until it has to set the Archive Permissions. When running the command using the prompts to enter the data: D:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise ...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Exclude senders from journaling

Hello, I may have missed something basic but I'm looking for a way to exclude specific messages from journaling. Exchange 2007/EV9 sp1 I can't create a "Journaling Rule" from Exchange because we don't manage Exchange at the Organizational Unit level ...

ZeNick by Level 4
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Resolved! SQL Query - Deleted Items

Hi, We have decided to archive Deleted items a while ago.  Now, we want to know how much of disk space is used by deleted items. Does anyone has a SQL query that can report on size and number of Deleted Items per Archive ? 

tnt015 by Level 3
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Resolved! Upgrade from 8.04 to 9.01 not going well

Please help...We are in the middle of trying to upgrade Enterprise Vault from 8.04 to 9.01 and the vault store databases will not upgrade.  We get the errors below.  We were able to upgrade only the directory database and one of the 5 vaultstore data...

Add old vault store to EV

I recently took over responsibility of EV 7.5. Unfortunately, emails in the vault are incomplete. After searching through tapes for days, I restored a 176 GB DATA folder from a tape, which contains over 1 million items. My question is, how can I add ...

eVault 9 Drive Setup

We are wanting to install eVault 9.0 on a win2008 server to use with exchange 2007 and a seperate SQL server. We have read through the documentation but are a little unclear on how to setup the partitions and link the eVault with the SQL server. We h...