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Searching migrated pst emails and other emails in one search

Hello all :) I have installed and rolled out EV8 in our organisation. We are using Exchange 2003 / Outlook 2007 I have (as a guinea pig) migrated 2 pst files that a user had on their local PC. These have successfully migrated to EV and can be seen an...

TRP by Level 5
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Resolved! EV Migration Server - can't connect

Enterprise Vault v7.5   Hi, I have found some old PST files on a server which I'd like to import to the vault and remove. So I tried to launch the Migrator Server Wizard and also tried to run an Import from the VAC and Im running into the below error...

pjtee by Level 4
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Resolved! Faulting application name: JournalTask.EXE

Hi We are having problems with our journaling task on EV9. We aren't seeing errors in the symantec logs really just in the windows app log:- EVENT 1000 (APP LOG) Faulting application name: JournalTask.EXE, version:, time stamp: 0x4d25dd0bFaul...

EVMan by Level 4
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Resolved! Unable to migrate PSTs into vaults

I am running this script to migrate a couple of PSTs into vaults whose associated mailbox and user account has been deleted. I am getting this error message "error creating privileged mapi session". The account I am running the script under has full ...

Resolved! How to deploy Outlook Add-ins?

Hi,   I reviewed the knowledgebase and the manuals and I can't find any information about how I can deploy over the clients, the add-ins for outlook. Any knows how I can sent this installation over the clients? I will hate, if I do this manually in 3...

donk2000cl by Level 4
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Resolved! best practice document

Hi, does any one know any good document of "EV best practice for NetApp".   I'll apprecite to share it. regards/Majed.

Virtual Vault and manual archiving ... (drag and drop)

Hi,   I have following situation at one of my customers: (EV 9.0.1  -  EXCH 2007  -  mailbox archiving for Exchange option) Desktop policy is setup to use Vault Caching with Virtual Vault. Content strategy is "do not store any items in cache" (mainly...

RVD by Level 5
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queries regarding Enterprise Vault.

I have some queries regarding the Enterprise Vault.   Can we restrict user to create local PST files or disable option to create local PST files.Does EV have facility for reviewing the search result, & the reviewer classifying them with a customizabl...

Monitoring Vault Storage Service?

Hi In an upgraded environment, after 2 days those warning statted showing up. Needless to say that all services are up  and running. restart to all EV services did not solve the problem.   any ideas?

Resolved! Indexing levels - examples?

Hello all, I'm trying to explain the different levels of indexing and the pro's of using 'full' instead of 'medium'. I know there is a document somewhere that has some examples (have seen it a few months ago), but I cannot locate it anymore. The info...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Vault Store Database size and row count for ACE table

Folks, We have a large EV 9.0 Exchange e-mail and NTFS file archiving infrastructure where we constantly have problems with the SQL performance. I wonder if anyone with large instances would mind sharing the size of their Vault Store databases and th...

gmackinn by Level 4
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Resolved! Deploying Enterprise Vault client

Hi, I'm looking to deploy the Enterprise Vault client silently and I wondering if it is possible to also silently install the vault cache client as part of the deployment? Cheers,

Resolved! Upgrading SQL 2000 to 2005

Hi Folks,    Will now be upgrading to EV 8.4 from 2007(sp6). As such we'll need to upgrade SQL to 2005, as our endpoint will be EV 9.01.   I had assumed that this was a relatively straightforward task - however a DBA has come to me with the following...

wandarah by Level 5
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Resolved! Shortcut deletion not working

Hey Im currently testing how to delete shortcuts from the users mailbox, but it is not working at all!   The mailbox policy: -Delete shortcuts based on 1 day -Delete orphaned shortcuts -Update moved items -Archiving based on age is set to 99years   T...

total_noob by Level 4
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Resolved! Lotus message in Exchange 2003 Mailbox

Hello all,   We have old Lotus Domino message in the mailbox (exchange 2003), when we start archiving does message where not archive, exchange  message are archive.   how can I archive this message?     Enterprise Vault Version: hosted in ...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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Help with interpreting a evsvr verify log

Hi all,   I've run a verify - complete. The customer had lost their SQL server and the working backup was from the day before compared to the archiving run. So a potential gap of one day between partitions and vault store DB's, I created a thread abo...

FreKac2 by Level 6
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Retreive via Search/AE issue for one user

Hi all,   Just thought I should ask if you've ever seen this issue. One user can't retreive items via AE or Search when started from within Outlook. The user get the attached error message. If we run AE or Search directly from IE we get the same erro...

FreKac2 by Level 6
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