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Strange Public Folder permission issue

I have a user that is receiving a message saying "Your account does not have permission to the vault containing this item." I looked at the "Client Permissions" for that folder in the Exchange System Manager and the user is listed as an Owner on the ...

Resolved! Deploying forms via Organisational folder

Hello all, I posted a question earlier but decided to log this one as it is slightly different.  Basically, over the next 2 weeks I will be upgrading to EV 7.0 SP2 and then to EV 2007.  I have just today deleted the 4 EV 6 forms that were present in ...

Using a second EV server as a "Swing Device"

Setup:Exchange 2003 SP2Enterprise Vault 2007 SP4MSQL 20057 Offices total  Scenario: I have one Enterprise Vault 2007 SP4 server (EVault1) in the home office, Tampa.  I am working on centralizing all e-mail to that office.  Before I move the mailboxes...

KThomas by Level 2
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Shortcut Deletion - Not Working

HiEnv: EV7.5 SP2 on W2K3 and Exchange 2003 We have set up Shortcut Deletion schedule on the Exchange Archiving task to run on Mondays 04:00.At the Policy level we have set the Shortcut Deletion to Delete Shortcut older then 2 years.Users are allowed ...

Find all Related Messages

Hi Guys We implemented EV 2007 sp1 and everything went through great but when a user selects the Find all related messages option it does not return any information. But is I do a normal outlook search it finds the archived items within the search cr...

EV not archiving. What can I check?

I built an EV environment in a test lab, and everything was working fine.  One day, I imported a PST with a lot of old messages to a test mailbox. I manually started the archiving task, and nothing happened on the mailbox. Spent some time trying to f...

Determining EV forms version from Outlook client

Hello all,I will be upgrading to EV 7.0 SP2 this coming weekend and then to EV 2007 the weekend after. I have rolled out the EV 2007 Client extensions to all our devices over the last week and am continuing to do so this week also. In addition, I wil...

Enterprise Vault for Domino (Issues)

Hi, We have a Domino environment and have encountered an problem during a rollout of EV for Domino to the users. When trying to access the archived emails getting in error message "You are not authorized to perfrom the operation"All users have the pr...

Replacing Evault Server

I have Evault Running on VM server right now , but the VM is having issues and I want to move Evault to its own New VM. Am I able to bring up the new server and Evault and shut off the old evault and continue running or do I have to migrate all the d...

New error message - Can't open this item.

Hi:     We are running EV 7.5 and I have an Outlook 2003 client that gets this message when they double click a stubbed message. If they try to use the Right-click/Open they get a different message: "The messaging interface has returned an unknown er...

Newbie Question: EV Admin:client install on Win XP

I have recently taken over support for EV2007 and I am trying to install the admin client onto a XP based PC behind a firewall. Is there a document/information as to what the firewall rules need to be for the Admin client to connect to the backend se...

phak by Level 3
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Purchasing Enterprise Vault Solution

Hi,I'm looking to install the Enterprise Vault in one of our sites.Can anyone tell me what licences I need to go for.I asked my supplier to quote for Enterprise Vault Server Licence with Support and Enterprise Vault User Licence Mailbox Optimisation ...

Keith_B by Level 2
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sql 2005 error on monitoring database creation

Hello, I am in need of some help with SQL2005. I have a need to run the following command from the enterprise vault server I am configuring. This will create a monitoring database on the SQL2005 server. Below is the command I am running C:\Program Fi...

zenworksb by Level 4
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