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Consolidate Exchange servers and options for two EV sites

Hi, Looking to consolidate an Exchange environment and unsure of best way to approach the EV service. Current design is as follows: EV Site A, archives all mailboxes on Exchange server A.EV Site B, archives all mailboxes on Exchange server B. EV Site...

gladwc by Level 2
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Store Reporter and Exchange 2007

Hi AllHas anybody used the pre-sales tool ,Store Reporter ,on Exchange 2007 successfully .If so were there any specific configurations with the  account that you had to make ?Did it work the same as Exchange 2000/2003 analysis .I am using version 2.0...

Move the emails from TDP Backup to EV

We have our exchange backup done by IBM TDP client. Now we wants to move all the backup emails to Enterprise Vault.What is the bestway to do that ? We would like to have all the backup emails into one mailbox and archive that mailbox. Thank you.

Narma by Level 3
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Resolved! Configuring Celerra for FSA

Hi, I am using Installation guide to configure Celerra for FSA. This Celerra is target file server in file system FS1 and also contains vault partition in seperate file system (FS2). FS1 in enabled for archiving. When I try to add CIFS server as new ...

sKishore by Level 3
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Exchange 2007 CAS servers with Exchange 2003 back end servers

I'm working at a place where we've put in Exchange 2007 CAS servers and still have Exchange 2003 mailbox servers (for a little while).  Prior to putting in the Exchange 2007 servers EV on OWA worked.  We've run the owauser.wsf script with the new ser...

SHI-CRO by Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Can't connect to SQL Server when running config.

Anyone else run into this issue when running the initial configure for an EV server? (This is the first server) When prompted for the SQL server name I get an error saying that EV failed to connect to SQL Server... I ran a DTrace while this was going...

EVGuy by Level 4
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FSA and Journaling to Centera

All, We are presently doing FSA (Copy and reset) no shortcuts and putting our data on a Centera We are also doing Journaling to the same Centera and the same Pool on the Centera If we enable shortcutting i know it will have no effect on the storage c...

Liam_Finn1 by Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
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Customizing EV reports

All, Does anyone know how to customize the EV reports? I want to create reports like Items Archived per hour and specify which vaults to report on. E.G report on Items archived per hour for my FSA by location and for my journaling. I ask this because...

Liam_Finn1 by Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Safety Copy Settings

Hi, I have just changed (temporarily) the settings for safety copies. It was originally set After backup. For some reason they are not clearing out even after successful backups so in the interim till i fix that issue i changed it back to "immediatly...

BobF by Level 3
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Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 MIGRATION Details

Hi people, I'm in a complicated situation. In a project to upgrade the Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 in cluster I've already upgraded the EV 6.0 to EV2007 + SP2. But now that we are begin to move the mailboxs  to the new Exchange server I discovered...

Martins by Level 3
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Centera OR NAS (NTFS)

I wanted to get some feedback regarding Centera or NTFS.  I am about to begin implementing Enterprise Vault for a law firm.  The current design is to use a NAS storage device.  My recommendation was a Centera.  What do you guys think?   I have previo...

issue with offline vault on client

Following errors is logged do you have any idea on this  07/08/2008 15:12:27.004[3764]: Initial Trawl custom property maybe false or doesn't exist07/08/2008 15:12:27.005[3764]: Cannot start auto downloader as initial trawl is not yet complete.  When ...

Pst locator and Archive explorer destination

Need assistance is resolving my PST locator issue. PST locator will not find any of my user pst that are on the network share home directories only finds the pst on the users workstation. Second question I will like to change the default location of ...

cdi by Not applicable
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Page limit in Archive Explorer?

Hi All, We have a 10 page limit on folders in Archive Explorer and users are prompt to use Search to find the other items. I'd like to know where is this set?, can it be changed?, if so, what would be the implications of changing this? Thanks in adva...

philt by Level 5
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